Israel, the Jews, "God's Chosen People"? The Truth


There are Ethiopian Jews in Israel. So what? That’s only because an actual (Middle Eastern) Jew sired the community.


Again, it would make no sense for anyone to speculate the Jews were from the Isle of Crete if they were Black. The only way these speculations would make sense together would be if they were said to have been descendants of Ethiopians (which was what was reported), and if the assumption was that they had mixed with other peoples. The Egyptians, another people it was speculated the Jews sprang from, are themselves a mixture of Middle Eastern and Black peoples (and, according DNA anaylsis, show significantly greater affinity to southeastern Europeans than to sub-Saharan Africans).


Im speaking on the roots here… The roots of Kemet are Ethiopian. The roots of Egypt are Kemetic…

Yeah Rome invaded Egypt and there was a multitude of peoples… But the roots are Black.


Well, I’ve tried to help. We’ll let the readers decide.


For anyone interested, Black Egyptian Hypothesis is “…regarded as a fringe theory.

"A study by published in 2017 described the extraction and analysis of DNA from 151 mummified ancient Egyptian individuals, whose remains were recovered from Abusir el-Meleq in the Cairo Governate. The scientists said that obtaining well-preserved, uncontaminated DNA from mummies has been a problem for the field and that these samples provided “the first reliable data set obtained from ancient Egyptians using high-throughput DNA sequencing methods”. The study showed that Ancient Egyptians had the greatest affinity for modern Middle Eastern (Arab, Levantine and Anatolian) populations, and had significantly more affinity with southeastern Europeans than with sub-Saharan Africans. Nevertheless, there was a significant sub-Saharan African component in the ancestry of three of the mummies tested: “absolute estimates of African ancestry using these two methods in the three ancient individuals range from 6 to 15%.” This level of sub-Saharan African ancestry is significantly lower than that of modern Egyptians from Abusir, who “range from 14 to 21%.”[38]

The authors of the study cautioned that the samples from the mummies, which were taken from a region that (while technically part of Middle Egypt) is geographically in the far north of Egypt, may not be representative of Ancient Egypt as a whole. Contemporary genetic studies show much greater levels of sub-Saharan African ancestry in the current-day populations of southern as opposed to northern Egypt."

Exactly as I’ve said (and as they portray themselves): Egyptians are Middle Eastern mixed with African (and even have “significantly more affinity with southeastern Europeans than with sub-Saharan Africans”!). The fact that modern southern Egyptians have more African DNA just proves they came from the Middle East–the longer they stayed in Africa the more they merged with the Africans.


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well…well…well – I still want to know how I have messed up everything I’ve touched here… What justifies you saying this?

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  2. Go back and read everything I’ve said.
    Does it mean nothing to you, for instance, that the DNA of mummified Egyptians showed they had significantly greater affinity with southeastern Europeans than they did with sub-Saharan Africans?


I bet he did lol…


Right. I did… And he said multiple times that I mess up everything I touch here… What does that mean? Every post from me has caused a train wreck? I dont get it lol…



Anything related to ancient Egypt has gone threw this scumbag for many years. They’ve been trying to get rid of him for years so real info can come out


Interesting how the nation of “savages” (if they’re not civilized, they’re savages right?), Israel, has the highest amount of PhDs per capita in the world, and how these Jews are vastly ovrerrepresented among Nobel laureates.


It meant that you mishandle information. I’ve already stated why I said it.


If my community was controlling society and withholding information from the masses we’d be pretty smart too lol


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well_well_well, so are you saying that every post of mine on this site has been ‘mishandled’. Because you said ‘everything’…

I just dont see this thread being productive for our cause… Especially when ones start insulting


Anyone who can read can see how your arguments are nonsense.


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We can disagree all day on this topic… But to juxtapose your assertion of my argument here being ‘nonsense’ with every single post highlights something else?

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Anyone who can read can see how your arguments are nonsense.

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