Israel, the Jews, "God's Chosen People"? The Truth


We’ll let the readers decide.


I said that to him because I’ve already answered that question and I won’t be answering it again.

As for yourself, what were you referring to when you said “Anyone who can read can see how your arguments are nonsense.”?


Just pointing out that that can be said about anything by anyone.

We’ll let the reader decide right?


That I have no problem with doing.


Cheikh Anta Diop: Dr. Diop was the Director of Radiocarbon Laboratory at the Fundamental Institute of Black Africa (IFAN) at the University of Dakar. He sat on numerous international scientific committees and achieved recognition as one of the leading historians, Egyptologists, linguists and anthropologists in the world. He traveled widely, lectured incessantly and was cited and quoted voluminously. He was regarded by many as the modern `pharaoh’ of African studies.His discoveries and deductions have shown the world the true accomplishments of African history, effectively put an end to the debate over who the original people of Egypt were – Black – and pioneered techniques of scientific research – such as carbon dating as a means of dating artifacts and remains.


It depends on what is meant by “Black”–eg, going by a modern American approach, anyone with any Black blood is a Black minority. LOL If we are talking about Egyptians being “Black” because of that, I would agree; but, no, they are mostly Middle Eastern and consider themselves Arabs.


Again… Talking about the roots

Why do you think all the statues and artifacts have the nose broken off… Because the nose shows the African features…

History systematically destroyed and rewritten

  1. “Roots”, ethnicity, is irrelevant when discussing complexion. Not only because it is a different subject, but because even if you were referring to the complexion characterizing that ethnic group, complexion can change significantly in even a single generation–what one’s ancestors were means nothing then.

  2. The DNA of the mummies, which proved they had significantly greater affinity with southeastern Europeans than they did with sub-Saharan Africans, cannot be rewritten can it?

  3. Yeah, the whole world cares that much about whether Egyptians were or weren’t Black. LOL No one cares, they’re just reporting the facts.


Egypt came from Kemet. 100% they were Black people. Just because Egypt BECAME an internation hub with multitudes of different people does nothing to negate from the fact that the ORIGINAL Egyptians were Black people.

Thus the ‘roots’… The foundation


I don’t care who founded Egypt. That’s not the topic of discussion. We’re talking about what the people looked like at a particular point in time.


Skimming thru…and already my head hurts … Yikes… I’m just gonna leave this right here… I do so get tired of seeing all of the debating… :expressionless: I am at peace with the information I have found from several sources and conversations…I’m not going to participate in debates any longer…it really seems to me a vain and proud effort just for one to say “ha, told ya so” and I’m not about that :expressionless: SMH


That is my topic. You said Egypt was not Black. I proved that wrong.

Original Hebrews = Black people


LOL Oh, boy… if you actually reach that conclusion…

Alright, we’ll let the readers, based on what ever evidence has been provided, decide.


Let’s say 10,000 sub-Saharan Africans (Blacks) founded Egypt, but, then, 600,000 Middle Easterners came in and intermingled with them. How much impact will the fact that they started out as 100% sub-Saharan Africans (Blacks) have on the resulting complexion? Thus, whether or not sub-Saharan Africans (Blacks) founded Egypt is irrelevant.


But I genuinely do care for all of you…regardless of your view!! You guys keep me laughing and shaking my head and sometimes even rolling my eyes lol…all in all you are all brilliant and at least attempt to form solid thoughts and opinions…no zombies here :grin::+1::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


You think some folks on here are forgetting to take their hapease? Lol


Honestly I feel sad for some people…when I read their posts I just get this feeling of bitterness… (None here) and loneliness and dejection… They want so badly to be heard and to know peace but it elludes them…I always try to look at every perspective and hold fast to a line of truth… Encouragement is what I am all about… All conversations should have a parallel of truth and compassion in delivery…that’s just my view… simplistic and caring… genuinely!!


To the best of my knowledge Jesus was olive colored because he was Israeli (He lived in Israel & NOT JUST Jewish)…BUT I don’t know anything about him being black (African) and I REALLY don’t care IF He was…

IF He was Black, then that would have been God’s will and direction. He knows better than ALL OF US do!

I obviously need to research more into this because I don’t know as much as I would like to know.

I’ve got some research to do to educate myself better about this.

TY for sharing this @DistractedMasses too brother!


I know full well that my interpretation, perspective, research, is not the ‘accepted’ view and would meet resistance. Props to @well_well_well… Seriously. Yeah we got a little tense but the vast majority of times when I speak to people on this, it gets outright ignored or gets ugly fast… We have had a solid back-and-forth on the subject. No hard feelings…

I was waiting for the ‘olive’ argument… Well… Olives are either Green or Black… Lol

I look to Amos 9:7. We have a direct link to Isreal and Ethiopia. "Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel?”

And Revelations 1:13-14 “The hairs of his head were white, like white wool, like snow. His eyes were like a flame of fire, his feet were like burnished bronze, refined in a furnace, and his voice was like the roar of many waters.”

We have two accounts from the WORD right there… Think about it… The bottom of the foot is the lightest skin coloration for a Black person… And in this account, the bottom of Christ’s foot is the color of burnished bronze… Not to mention the hair like wool. That hair texture is exclusively African…

I could do a whole reasoning on these scriptures as there is much more happening here… But the bottom line is; the appearance of Christ makes zero difference in what he did and said. Its the spirit and faith in him that is the most relevant. But, we have to keep in mind that we are living in the ‘upside down world’ and deal with fake news and fake historical accounts every day… So where does it start? How far back does it go? The corrupted churches give us a standard image of a white man with blue eyes as Christ. That image comes from Leonardo da Vinci – who was a homosexual… If we look back at artifacts from around the world, you will notice that the nose has been chipped off of almost all facial sculptures… Because the broad nose is a dead give away of the ethnicity… From Egypt to Peru we see this…

A good resource:


I “hear” what you’re saying. When I said “Olive” I’m referring to the skin tone of the majority of Israelis…Not to mention the fact that in the area many had tan skin as well.

PERHAPS that is indicative of being African or Black in skin tone? I REALLY don’t know.

Either way, if that was His Way for doing things I’m 100% fine with it. Not the least bit racist against black people.

Something, I’d like to point out that may have been missed…Much of the prophetic books of the Bible are symbolic or figurative.

When I say that I’m meaning that those who were for telling the future didnt necessarily have the words to describe the things they saw and they described them in terms of their understanding in their time frame.

They had no idea about airplanes or helicopters etc., and when they talked of GIANT locusts some have thought they were describing a helicopter…who REALLY knows for sure.

Lord bless!