Israel, the Jews, "God's Chosen People"? The Truth


What is undeniable is that scripture gave a clear account of ‘fake jews’ in Revelation 3:9 saying “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” So then who are lying about being Jews, and who are the ‘real’ Jews?? We must research to find the answers… This brings up not only the origin and ‘root’ of who the Hebrews are; but also the situation in which people are lying about that, claiming that heritage, and the consequences of doing so… Puts into perspective – for me – the banking aspect of the Rothschilds, Soros, and such… Especially when we consider Revelations 2:9 “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” So the ‘fake jews’ actively control the financial situation to keep the Hebrews in poverty and tribulation… Who are the most poverty stricken people in the world if not for those Black and brown people being kept in the ‘3rd world’… Just saying…


GREAT points brother. As I said, I REALLY need to research this further cuz I’m a bit ignorant of it in all honesty. Thanks so much for sharing these links etc so that I know TRUSTED sources to look into. Meaning, I trust your advice.

A lot of what is on the Net is just #FakeNews and its NOT always easy to tell the difference…especially if its something you don’t know a lot about the subject such as myself on this discussion. Thanks again.


You’re absolutely right in that “A lot of what is on the Net is just #FakeNews and its NOT always easy to tell the difference…”. Keep that in mind when looking into everything. Including the link I sent you. Nothing can be absolute in that way… Its just an interesting dive and looking at it differently.


No matter what evidence you cite; there will always be evidence to the contrary…when it comes to religion. To think that anyone from the middle east or africa, during that time period, is asinine. Getting into dogmatic arguments that will never be won is asinine as well.

  1. Thanks for the props. I want to help the reader be armed with information, so I don’t like needless drama.

  2. Prophets (eg, Amos) are sent to turn people back to obey the Law given by Moses; a prophet’s message is not going to veer from that intention–eg, by letting them know that they are Blacks (? LOL). As I’ve already said (I really hope I’m not asked to repeat myself again–it’s draining), what God was saying, in comparing them to Cushites, Philistines, and Syrians, was that they were acting like nations who did not know God–acting like people who weren’t His People. The next line says it loud and clear, “Behold, the eyes of the Lord God are upon the sinful kingdom…”.
    You need to be very careful not to abuse words of prophets who are speaking in the Name of God.

  3. The hairs of His head were white like white wool and like snow–yeah, comparing the whiteness of his hair to the whiteness of wool and to the whiteness of snow means nothing. It doesn’t say “His hair was the consistency of wool and it looked like snow when it gets piled up”. You have to twist the words around to make them prove your point.
    As far as the feet go, all of this is symbolic, and it must be understood symbolically. His eyes were not a flame of fire when He was on earth, nor is having flames protruding from one’s eye sockets, instead of eyes, a feature of Blacks.
    It’s a visionary representation. All of the elements referred to have symbolic meaning. Jesus even gives some interpretations of it at the end of the chapter.

  4. I agree that what ultimately matters is the power and righteousness of Jesus, “the kindness of a Savior”, and not His skin color. What I don’t appreciate are either inaccurate reports around the Lord, or the spirit in which the majority I’ve come across have gone about purporting those inaccuracies. If He really were Black I wouldn’t care. He would still be my Savior. The fact is, however, that He just isn’t.


Just a difference between you and I. Thats fine. We could go back and forth for days im sure… No need for that here. For the simple fact that the conversation bumps up to the top and pushes more productive threads down… Trust me, I want to get into the ‘ancient of days’ and the 3 advents of Christ. Videos and all that man; but I see now that this isnt the place to host that. If you want to discuss this further, we can exchange emails.


When you say “three advents of Christ” this is not related to a pre-trib rapture theory is it?


I’m interested too. I’m not sure about the meaning of the THREE advents of Christ, and would be interested in delving into it too.

I’m the kind of Author & minister who often deals with Controversial topics. You can learn more if interested here:


Sincerely hope that no one is disillusioned with the whole rapture theory…we as Christians will go through it all till the end when Christ comes back for us… There is no way around it… The only thing we can do is prepare and be ready to give testimony for our faith in Christ…


I’m don’t know much about the Jews. But the people who identify themselves as Jews, like allot of them probably don’t check to see if they are descendents of Abraham. So how would they know. Just not sure.


I agree.Most the church is teaching the rapture. But I can’t find much in the bible about it. Except we will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord. But it does not say when. and then why would it say we will be caught up in the clouds, to meet him would tell me that would be the day Jesus comes back and with tens of thousands of his saints.



This video does not pertain to the topic.
What is so hard about staying on topic?


It’s kind of funny but they also took it out of context…


Ever wonder why there are giant black cubes all over the world and why Jews and muslims worship them? ^ the middle one is mecca where muslims go to worship circling it. Circling the square hint.

Jews have a whole sect of cube worship. Kabbalah. Root words: kabbah allah= cube god.
Who is the cube god? :slight_smile:

The Christian cross is an undoing of the cube
A clue as to why Christianity is the most attacked



Hmm interesting never saw that bit …:thinking:


Been awake for awhile and I got plenty of little jems like this and I’m very good at not getting side tracked by enemy disinfo that the enemy constantly puts out about this type of stuff to lead people the wrong way :+1: :us:


Oh, I see… Kaballah… Kaaba Allah… just like “raice” in Spanish, “rice” in English…

No, actually, it turns out that the fact that words are arbitrarily constructed translingual homonyms actually has no bearing on their meanings.

“Kabbalah” is from the Hebrew root קבל (kbl, “to receive”); the Hebrew קבלה‎ (kabbala) is the noun, “something received”; it refers to the fact that these esoteric traditions were believed to have been passed down / received in only a select group.
It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Kaaba.

When Jesus reprimanded the Pharisees, He never objected to them merely wearing phylacteries (the “cube” pictured sitting on the Jew’s forehead), only that they broadened them to make a big show and bring themselves man’s praise.
The allegation that this is actually a remnant of the worship of “El” is so beyond the pale–they were commanded to wear the commandments of Torah between their eyes [Dt 6:8].
What were you thinking?
Also, what proof do you have that wearing a cube on one’s head was a way in which people worshipped El?

Why do you not care that you have zero substance?
People like you really are scary–the type that is like dry brush waiting to be set on fire, waiting for a wave of anti-Semitism to hit so you can go persecute Jews. Sickening.


Lol sure thing bud :+1: