IW Army-Charleston SC Infantry


Ok, guys, made my first video! Was super nervous but i didn’t care what i look like or what i said, just tired of sitting here. Wanted to put myself out there and let ya’ll know who i am, and that i am making more videos by myself. @OwenShroyer @zimmermann @DistractedMasses @Johnboy @ThaDreamReamer @proudinfidel @PASTORSAM


I read you loud and clear!

I like to film from the driver’s seat like you did there. Nothing says, “this is me, and here I am, right where stuff is going down…And we’re gonna see what the real deal is…” like filming selfie-mode from the driver’s seat.

This is what we need…a thousand Paul Reveres! Just have that channel up and your IW t-shirt, and when something goes down, jump out and film it! That is what happened to me at this event. I beat the home crew there by more than an hour.


Nothing wrong with a one man army! :us: @ThaDreamReamer does it and kills it every time! :raised_hands:t2::us: Keep making videos sir!


You did great!!! :+1::grin: That’s what it’s all about… Being real and standing up in the Infowar!!


Thanks for the video, good video.


I really like the video graphics you use with the fire and how it comes toward you and the Infowars logo at the bottom right of your screen. How do you do that? I would really like to get a good mic to plug into my phone and have the Infowars square on the mic for doing interviews like what Owen has. As a citizen journalist, am i allowed to ask people questions on the scene when something goes down or do i need some kind of press pass?


Thanks! I plan on it! I know what i am doing is a good thing and it’s positive and i just want to help and get involved and show my support. Yeah so far it’s a one man army, but that’s ok. I’m learning.


What equipment do you use to video and microphone. I just have my little phone. I’m the only one so far here in Denver. Is there equip that is not too expensive?.


Just an external mic that plugs into your phone headset jack will put you way ahead of the game. Mine was 40 bucks and came with a furry cover to cut down on wind noise. That was my biggest issue filming in selfie mode…wind noise.

As for the mic flag, you will need an artist for that. But there are some folks on the forum that do vinyl and stuff.

And I never ask for an interview unless it is a grieving victim. I just walk up with my gear rolling.

As for press credentials, that will get you the inside track on some events, and there is a lot I don’t know about how the cool kids do it.

Just roll up and rock it! Be respectful and polite, as we represent the team. I don’t always fly colors. That is how I got the Senator Inhofe footage…I didn’t even film…I just grabbed the raw feeds off the net later. I got a little lucky on that one, but the plan was more for activism really, and I got to advise the senator extensively on what are the dangers facing our nation and how to proceed. That is the Infowar too! Bing up “pastorsam-inhofe” on any search engine to get to that interview, if you’re interested.

I had an editor put on all those cool effects and wipes for me. Don’t worry about that, though, just get the footage and keep your commentary videos short and simple. If you hit the motherlode and get some really extraordinary footage, somebody will help you with it!


Hey bro at least your getting out there & acting in the 3D world. You did fine & I’m sure you’ll get better with time.

I think the issue with a lot of info warriors on this forum is they may be afraid of getting out of there comfort zone so most of it ends up being talk.

I’m not working at the moment & my truck is down yet I still do my best to make my own signs & put a meet up together.

Keep up the good work & document it so you can share it here. Cheers brother


Ok great! Thanks for all of your advice and tips! I can tell you’ve been doing it a while lol. And sorry took a while to respond… went to sleep early last night due to work in the morning. I will definetly keep in touch and post my videos as i go along.


Thanks John! Yeah im def not comfortable being on video. I’m way better at taking the video.

Hope you get your truck going! Sucks it broke down.

Talk to you soon bro!


Hello sir! I drew a sketch of you as a Patriot Infowarrior since I felt inspired by your post!
I hope you like it!