IW Army- Job Site Plugging


Hey guys! Took a short video and did a plug for the InfoWarsStore. Lets get the video out there and show your support so we can expand! Direct people to go to InfoWarsStore.com and try amazing, high quality products that are life changing. Thanks!
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Wow! You have the IW tumbler!!! That is a HOT item…


Yes i see it, thank you! I am sure it will be shadow banned. But it’s worth a try. Always happens to me. I get like 2 or 3 retweets or likes but that’s it.


I love the IW mug! Makes me feel like i’m part of the team and showing my support for what i love. I haven’t bought the Patriot Blend Coffee yet. That one is definitely on my list…


Chiapas & Oaxaca states in southern México grow the best coffee in the world!



First of all, I WANT THAT T-Shirt…the “Dragon Blood Donor” one!

I would be remiss if I did’t point out the slight resemblance…
Lest anyone think I am poking fun, this is deadly serious. The greatest writers and comedians try very hard to replicate a couple of guys talking naturally. That video really got the point across, man to man. Here is another one:
“Hey, who are you callin’ a HOSER?”


Thanks! I appreciate the Kind words. I think we’re funny. I put out the one takes, mistakes & all, to show not everything has to be perfect! People like the authenticity!


OH! & the Shirt! Its from Dragon con atl. We’ve gone a few times. He gave blood & got the shirt, i think they come take blood everytime.

I did my first activism at Dragon con 9/1/18
Most Successful!


Good video TheDreamReamer.