Jon Stewart goes off on Congress!


Jon Stewart goes to Congess to advocate for Sick 911 Responders, that Congess is dicking around for help. Jon gives a Rousing Rebuke of Congress Inaction.


Barring a few good men and women, the legislative branch of our government is a disgrace. It has no heart and it sold its soul to the corporate devil a long time ago. Is it even redeemable at this point? It functions to serve itself and the rich and powerful people who own them. It’s a treasonous cesspool of political filth. The more dark the world becomes, the more I cling to prayer and Jesus Christ our only true savior.


You know the VERY BEST PART about the Congress Every 2 years, YOU COULD VOTE

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I was REALLY impressed with his butt chewing…Made me proud to be an American supporting our troops & first responders.


That is under the assumption that voting actually works.

Seriously, do you honestly think any sane American would reelect Nancy Pelosi 17 times?

Voting does NOT work.

Neither does “call or write your representative”. The system is compromised and full on rigged.


As dumb as the brainwashed leftest are, they have probably kept her in office and cheated her way into the position all this time. No patriot with a brain would do that for her. They are so brain dead that they defend creepy Joe and cry that they want Obama as vice and Biden as president. And yes, the voting system is rigged. @Memeart


Personally, I don’t know why there isn’t a law where if you cheat, and you are caught and everyone knows it, then you are completely out of the race and kicked out from participating in anymore voting positions.

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The voting system based on political parties must be addressed first. It is built in discrimination being about the party and not the people that candidate is suppose to represent.

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I think Jon was Inspired by “Mr. (Alex) Jones” goes to Washington" a few months ago to fight against Censorship. AGAIN, Alex breaks Down walls to fight the deepstate and government corruption!


It’s more about focusing on the goal and pushing politics aside to reach that goal. Address the members of congress as a whole and don’t allow them to use politics to finger point at each other when nothing gets done. It was a total insult, unprofessional and un-American for them not to be there to hear from these men and women. The guy who spoke before JS was schedules for his 69th round of chemo treatment…24 hrs. later! The guy is literally dying and he showed up!!


It really should have been much worse…


TA-DA!!! The goal…