Just a Moment To Chastize Those Abandoning Trump


Before jumping ship into the sea of wherever, let me remind you of some key facts that I hope will calm your nerves and hold the new coalition together.

I hear your gripe and so does Trump. He’s not an idiot. However about a third of the voting population are idiots and I hope I won’t get any disagreement about that. So you patriots have a main gripe - why doesn’t Trump prosecute the swamp creatures when they are so clearly guilty?

Why? Because the aforementioned idiots besides being voters they will be on Hilliary’s jury. What do you give the chances that at least one idiot would be on Hillary’s jury and refuse to convict their hero because they are so stupid they can’t even understand the nature of her crimes or how this behavior leads to the collapse of nations eventually?

Imagine if the trial is in blue swamp regions? Hell she could be acquitted! That illegal killed that pretty young lady and got off in San Fran. If Hillary is acquitted that’s it! She walks free and so do her cohorts with swamp jury justice.

Probably Trump is waiting for the swamp to make their extra legal move to remove him giving Trump the reason to declare an emergency over this treason then give these traitors military tribunals. Jury trials are a waste of time and money until the current batch of brain damaged idiots breed out of their transgender existence and in doing so remove themselves from being a problem.

I hope that clears up any doubts about Trumps thinking.


Completely disagree that 1/3 of voters are idiots. The past 40 years has shown that easily 52% of legal and both illegal voters are batshitz crazy.


Intrusting Input, Im a little torn on it myself, I think him not doing anything about censorship is the biggest issue on the table (yeah 5g is pretty gay also).
Part of me wants to take the Trump 2020 flag off my truck till he gets his shit to gather the other part of me wants to double down.


Yes the 5g, vaccines, tech censorship bother the hell out of me as well. But until someone better comes along I’m staying put.


Well we’re splitting hairs. The exact number of idiots, who’s to say? But 1/3 are total idiots.


Also, should you be correct the problem I wrote about would be even worse would it not? Wouldn’t chances for a conviction of swampers be even less likely?



I never wavered from supporting Trump. I am used to having to ‘solve for X’ because I grew up in the era when only the deep state reigned. BY necessity was forced to figure things out when the information needed wasn’t provided, and had to get the answer through indirect means. I can see the evidence showing Trump is still doing the same thing he’s always been doing. I’ve been looking at the surrounding evidence and although I may not be able to see “X”, I can still see the rest of the actions by the rest of the players. Nothing has given me enough concern to suggest Trump is any different.
Despite the fact I still support Trump doesn’t mean I haven’t been looking to see if there IS cause for concern (wisdom dictates its prudence of course), but there’s only been fear, doubt and ignorance levied against him.

God bless PDJT.
God says have faith is a necessary component, not just to support others, but to help myself grow and understand its intrinsic value to human development.


Censorship is a major problem, and it’s deepening the divide between the citizen and the institutions and established interests. Not so much what is, or what isn’t censored, but rather the abandonment of free speech as a core value.

The tech industry was NEVER elected to police speech, they are protected from all liability, thus citizens can’t hold them accountable. Nobody made any commitment to the citizens on what our state might ask of the tech industry players, and what it won’t, which once again highlights the back-handed way the state has taken to censor media.

So we have two distinct sets of interests, trying to use tech to censor and control the citizenry, and the only thing they appear to agree on is that they should use tech against us.


You pretty much summed up my position.


Sadly, what you write is so. Two powers trying to fillet us.


Two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner?


I’m waiting for 2020. Honestly, I think Trump is playing the long game, and he was right in saying he doesn’t give the enemy the damn map and game plan. Assuming he isn’t compromised, he is swimming amongst snakes and needs to appeas them long enough to get a second term. Do I agree with everything? No, I wish he’d fight the censorship. But, I have to believe that if he isn’t doing it, his son is, and he listens to his kids. I’m having patience and I’m not jumping ship… call me stubborn.


Who in your opinion, is “the swamp”? Because it’s more than just the holdovers from past administrations.


I’m still Pro-Trump, never wavered, my biggest current concern is censorship and double standards that exist. Here’s my take, remember the Election in 2016 when the Clinton machine took over the DNC and dissed bernie, they spent 1.4Billion compared to Trumps 957.6Million…also Trump demolished all of the other 17 republican contenders, with the entire Media machine, including Fox bashing the hell out of him constantly. Again, my take, we’ll win, and I think the censorship might just help us, reason being, everything the Left has done has bit them in the ass, plus it might give Trump the underdog scenario, like hillary tried to play once…you know…like the victim card.


I think the swamp consists of pure red communists mostly, a lot of yes men, and a few nazis thrown in…all of which hate America.


I mean specifically which positions within the government?


I can only guess that it’s most likely top tier alphabet agys. I could be wrong, I’m just a guy that lives in a trailer with a dog.


Trump is smart I think he puts things out there first so the left can see how bad the deep state, censorship, fake news MSM is before anything is done about it. No Trump is not perfect, but he has accomplished more in his precisidency then any other President. We are in a feel good era, “I want it done and I want it done now”. That is not reality. I too think why is not the Censorship problem being taken care of. We don’t know there are Proballty people working on the inside of the major platforms to expose these censorship traitors. Everyday more people are becoming aware of the Censorship problem and the MSM is at an all time low.
Of course people need to keep calling out about the censorship problem.


Right, I agree, those are definitely swamp creatures. My gripe, however, is the majority of the heads, and most of the staff of the regulatory bodies, are bought and paid for swamp creatures that could have easily been replaced. It is those groups that have the most impact on public health, having the responsibility to enforce regulations and oversight with regard to corporate business practices. Unfortunately, it seems Trump is accommodating of the revolving door between gov’t and business, and doesn’t care that the majority of these agencies are totally corrupt.