Just a Moment To Chastize Those Abandoning Trump


How long has it taken to start pulling troops out if Syria. (Well soon) Trump said on Tuesday. I believe him. What I’m saying is these things take time. Personnakt I want Trump to give the okay for Oath keepers, vets, militia, etc to rise up now and go into the enemy of the people (MSM) not all " Common since applies" and dismantle every one of their desk arrest them on treason. But those things take time as well.


I agree, when I was younger I wanted instant gratification, now I look at thing a little different, it’s like making a U turn with a giant cruise ship.


I’m just a gal that lives in a trailer with a cat. Well I’m moving Sunday.


Are you staying in the same State?


Yes, moving in with my brother.


Who’s going to keep an eye on the Veterinarian?


I don’t know. I know all the authorities know about it now.


There’s a bunch of them at various levels within the government. Some have more power than others. There is lots of cooperation as they conspire but much corruption and extra legal activity just happens without central guidance. I think any government official who abuses their authority is a swamper.


Saturation of market… the more people becoming aware by themselves getting banned. Every Trump rally from here on out needs to have huge signs so Trump can see we need to STOP THE CENSORSHIP! And we must scream it out so he can hear us. All the while fighting back however we can. Thank God for alternative platforms like this place!


Amen to that! That’s exactly what to do.


He’s doing it. Maybe not to the liking of many, but it is visible. You just have to d a lot of homework. Anyone see the video at GHW Bush’s funeral? The panic from every person receiving an envelope? GW with 2 secret service behind him, writing a note then giving to wife who had a look of horror, who showed Jeb that had anger in his expression? I don’t think GWB went home that day. Hillary had a small seizure-looking fit. He is being so smooth,


If you want to see how POTUS is keeping his army informed, look at this video. I am a witness to it. Spot-on info. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKR7Srh3uJI&authuser=0