Just Got My SIXTH 30 Day FB Ban Since 24 October 2018


I’m SSSOOO fed up with #FaceBook…This is my SIXTH 30 Day ban since 24 October 2018. This time it was for a post from February 2018…I HATE these #Facists!

I’m NOT sure what #FacistBook means by a Sentry Block but it’s the first time I’ve seen this…


I got banned on Facebook for an empty post.

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@GreggHuestis67, did they actually show you which post went against the guidelines? I do not see that part in your screenshots.

EDIT: ok, I think I do see it now.

For me, they didn’t show me what I did wrong.


I was calling out Elizabeth Warren for her lying about being native American…In the minds of these butt heads that’s hate speech


I’m honestly not sure if I’m even going to waste my time on FB any longer…I’m OBVIOUSLY marked as someone who hates their agenda…and they would be 100% correct…

I just deactivated my account


Is there any info wars stuff on GAB ? It is working again and they have sent their users a dissenter browser. I am trying to find infowars there.
@joeyarnoldvn are you are around ? what do you think of the dissenter browser ?


I’ve not used Dissenter but I like the idea. I’m sure it helps people.


I just went back on Gab today.

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I found a few people, but don’t see the big players there yet, what do you think?

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I think the people on there and Twitter if they can red pill people thats great. But other wise the lines got to be drawn. People need move on to other platforms and just leave Facebook, and Twitter behind. Its a waist of alot of energy to be on those platforms. But I do see why some people are still on them its to redpill.


Yes. Alex and Owen are both on Gab. I follow them there


That’s very true too.


People can utilize their skills on other platforms, share and start up activist movements. A Call For Activists. Jesus said (Im paraphrasing) if you tell someone the gospil and they dont want to hear it to dust your shoes and move on. In redpilling, one person comes along plants a seed. Then another and another. Im going to share some of my posters I made on Gab. Hopefully it will motivate others to make posters.

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Everything Jesus says is paraphrasing as Jesus was not speaking in English.

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I deactivated my FB account in Protest…It irritates me that my free speech is being Censored…and theirs NOTHING I can do about it!!!

Oh well I guess it’s best to just stay away cuz it’s BEEN getting me irritated and I don’t need that aggravation.

I feel better have deactivating it though!


Welcome to the club. And after a few weeks of withdrawl, you’ll be a heck of a lot happier too. And if there were any doubts that social media is an addictive drug, those will be put to bed real quick.


Well…I’ve had 5 months without FB and working on my 6th month now…


Facebook kicked me off years ago. They made me change my password and I haven’t been able to log in since. I started a group called Fake News there and then they kept jacking with me.

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No Facebook account = zero bans
No account bans = zero hours of my life frustrated with the technocrats



The ONLY reason I have stayed is because of redpilling others… OTHER than that I could careless about those clowns…

What irritates me is I’m an American who served to protect our rights ONLY to see them stripped away and it makes me want to explode… No one tells me what to do…as long as it’s not immoral or illegal NO ONE TELLS ME WHAT TO DO!

That’s what irritates me the most!!!