Just in case you're interested... Trump wants your input for some reason


Team Trump: Liberals in the Senate voted against the Nat’l Emergency. Pres. Trump needs your input. Should he veto? Answer here - > https://www.donaldjtrump.com/landing/veto-poll?utm_medium=sms&utm_source=ta&utm_campaign=20190314__veto-poll-survey-answer_teamtrump_djt&utm_content=imm_border-security

Official Presidential Veto Poll

Real liberals would be interested in using our taxes to build a wall with any excuse for the national population. #VeryFakeNews


Just so ya know that was a text I received from the Trump campaign thing… :roll_eyes:


This is not Trump. It is a scam text.

It is best not to “hang your hat” on any political ideology either way (Mike Adams). Each of us supports certain things about every ideology like many support public libraries but they are a “liberal” institution. Most self called “Democrats” support their right to have their own private property, their own houses, and their own cars to drive around in and do what they want with but that is a “conservative” ideal.


I am pro building the security wall… i hope i didn’t help VETO it tho?


Um it comes from his campaign… Legitimately… I donated to his campaign last year and ever since I receive these texts… Good grief your skepticism is worse than mine :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

But regardless… He’s a bs president…


I think Trump, the Art of Trump, is to also win by deception. I’m amazed how well he functions however, with Ill-umnati henchmen types pacing up and down his arsecrack all day long, I’m sure - until he pulls the trigger of the thousands of currently awaiting sealed indictments. That time consuming secretive RICO-style grand jury indictment process has been going on
strong for over a decade already…


I guess we’ll just have to “wait and see”… :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

  1. Yes, I am interested in how many Patriots
    will now do what needs to be done again over 200 years ago in this country.
  2. Oh, and don’t think you are not being watched via emails or phone, I hope that you have communication set up.
  3. The deep state legislature, judiciary and government administrators need to resign.
    3.1 I wonder when people are going to Wake the F-ck Up !!!
  4. Elections need to be Stopped and Blocked, tell everyone you can. There is no reason to elect one more of these F-king Traitors.




what kinda creeps with so much time on their hands are watching the 1000s of us? I’m in Europe. They can watch me all they want. The Space Force floats by frequently enough, they already have my number. I believe I have befriended them. With Space Force apparently on Q and my side 2, why should i worried about some career stunted PEABRAINED SKINHEADS at NSA eating popcorn and watching one of us, or all of us at the same time on their disillusionary internet radar screens? THAT’s JUST A FAKE MASS CHILLING/SCARE EFFECT. That’s just a programmed propagandized chilling effect. Q is unstoppable. Infowarriors are unstoppable for Justice. The American People, once their cowardice is washed off, will be unstoppable for Justice too!

  1. Righto, you are.

  2. As you were, proceed to kick some A-s


Yeah, I know those msgs. I unsubscribed from that feed because I was getting those messages every day, sometimes twice a day. You’d be taken to a website to answer and give your input, then taken to a donation landing page.