Kill Me If You Can


God loves you @4LoveOfTheRoad. He gave his one and only son for all of us, including you. I hope you find Him! All the best my friend!


@Fubar “Many things with GOD seem unnatural, like give money to GOD to get more money, but like gravity God’s laws work. Your only fear should be of GOD alone. And be happy that you are still alive, still here, still in service. Ready for a NEW adventure serving the the ALMIGHTY.”

I appreciate your intent here, which is honorable, and I am not trying to put you down or detract from what you said, but I would like to add my own views for the help that they may be for both of us:

How about instead of focusing on money we remember that it is better to give than to receive, and that in giving we receive, or the idea of paying it forward. You miss the point though if you will remember Lazarus and the rich man. If you thought that I was asking for money, your responding by bringing up tithing does seem a little… ?

And if I do decide to ask for money, I would be very interested if you or @Bingozee @4LoveOfTheRoad @MITCHELL have any other ideas for how I might do that, both in wording and method. I don’t have much experience with this. Thanks

About gravity: Gravity is one of God’s laws, or more properly a natural law given by nature’s creator.

About fear and fearing God, you also seem to miss this point, and I think you should check yourself to see if your mind is not constricted in fear with regard to understanding.

Number one is that fear is also one of God’s laws, written by him into nature and our beings. We watch our steps when we walk, because we learned to fear the pain that comes from falling down or stubbing a toe. So also should we fear annihilation, such that we might avoid it.

Without fear we are dead. Fear serves life even as fearing God serves eternal life. But I do not fear God. I only fear being without him from moment to moment; which fear faith keeps at bay; which ultimately I do not fear because I believe in his salvation. He does not want us to live in fear or in fear of him. Would you want your children to live in fear of you? It is a very fine line. I have learned not to fear God by welcoming the rod of his reproof, and asking for the staff of his correction. If I feared them I would avoid them and be lost. Fear is for those who do not know him, in that fear is the beginning of wisdom.

The transcendent fear that I spoke of is of God’s fear. Do you think that he does not fear for all of us? Why else would he cut the times short? Why else would he be reluctant to do so? If he does not cut the times short none will be saved. Jesus said this. Conversely, his doing so will cause inexpressible trauma, and no one will be unaffected by it. Jesus said as much.

In support of Jesus’ prophecy and reasoning, Alex has shown the danger with regard to the survival of the human race as human, in his discovery of there having been certain chemicals developed that will turn off the higher functions of our brains which connect us with each other and with God. Is this not something to be feared? And this is just one facet of Satan’s satanic NWO program to erase God’s image from all of creation. Fear definitely has a part in fighting this.

I think that fear may even be a part of God’s whole reason for existing in the first place. He said, “I am that I am.” What do you think he meant by that? I think that it is because without him there is, can be, and only ever would be complete and absolute nothingness. Try thinking about that and see how you feel. Never mind how you would feel, or ought to, if looking up you saw a big old bus bearing down on you.

I am even saying that we should not fear fear itself. We should only fear failure, which fear should nevertheless not paralyze us. We should embrace our fear to use it to good effect. Fear, like all things, serves those who serve God.

About being happy, consider the meaning in the sense in which the word was used in the Declaration of Independence. They weren’t very happy in the success that King George’s administrative state was enjoying in trying to impoverish and enslave them.

I would say check out Webster’s, but a quick look at the Collegiate edition shows what I should have expected, seeing that the word figures so prominently in our founding father’s parlance. It is so watered down that I have to call it a corrupted definition. Maybe you have a better edition.

I like the one I heard on Babylon 5: “Happiness is the exercise of vital energies, along lines of excellence, in a life affording scope.” I am not very happy and I worry allot.

Here is a good one from Voltaire’s Emile: “When our natural tendencies have not been interfered with by human prejudice and human institutions, the happiness alike of children and of men consists in the enjoyment of their liberty.”

I am truly as ready for a new adventure as I can be. Like the disciples were when Jesus came to them, I am ready to just drop everything and go. But like Lazarus, malnutrition and lack of means would require something more than a call to “follow me.”

Yet I have faith in the almighty which is how I live from day to day, and have for some time now. Nevertheless the writing is on the wall and it is just a question of how, when and with whom. I am open to suggestions or offers.

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@John, I don’t have or generate money and haven’t for over 14 years, also I have no debt and owe nothing. When it comes to money, I have had much, however, the more I had the more I paid, the less I have the less I pay, today I owe and am owed nothing.

For myself life has been different and continues to be unique among many to say the lest, for this I am grateful and appreciate, I would like to wish this for others, however, The best I can offer any one is an Ear and honest Truth for those willing… I admit this will not help you financially sorry…


You said, I am not sure, You said I would like to believe but have not had experience.

I have a question for you? Have you tried? and for how long? seriously. I prayed for at least six weeks
every night, the same prayer, “Jesus if you are real, come to me, come inside me and let me know you.” For at least 6 weeks, not sure exactly, some nights very passionately, some nights just quick, tired, God you know the prayer, love ya night. I think it was one of those nights, maybe even if I had not heard soon, I would have given up, I am not sure. But any which way, it was and is the defining moment in my life, WHEN EVERYTHING CHANGED, my life has never been the same, and it is so long now, so many years have passed, since I was 18, but it is real, I AM still alive, and breathing, I am the same in some way and totally different in many other ways. I hope you find the WAY.
God Bless you and help you and all that read this. GOD IS LOVE.


Well, let me start with saying " I enjoy reading your writing" @Bingozee I love you to, and your getting much better, but often, even most times, I only read the top half of your stuff and honestly don’t always take the time to follow the links, but I am glad they are there, I may dig deeper sometime and get to it.
but when you can nail it, with the right amount of words, I think that is what @John has been able to get it out short enough not more links needed, and whole message read.

There is much about money compared with work, or mission and many thoughts about it, what I was trying to say, is that in my personal experience, when I was out of money like totally, I prayed, and gave with faith, and as far as FEAR, well, GOD could give you TO MUCH wisdom, to MUCH money,
to MUCH LOVE? I don’t know, but he scares me, because he is SO BIG, and I am so small, his smallest gesture toward me, is LIKE A FLOOD, and I get scared and overwhelmed . I really wish I was in a position like @Bingozee owing no one anything, but I definitely can not say that I have many debts to pay. And do people owe me, maybe, but I am not pursuing anyone at anytime, not now, just treading water day to day. As far as making money, legally in business, I am very interested in that, I like to prosper, help others prosper and have FUN working together. I think a good business is all about SERVING someone, I am guessing that being a good christian, might be about serving some one also.
To end, I am interested in making friends, and meeting like minded patriots that want to save our country and make the whole world a better place. God Bless you all, and LOVE TO ALL flesh and blood. If there still breathing, they can still turn to the LIGHT.


@John I don’t think it has anything to do with God, but I am not going to argue, I get what you mean.

I believe Money is only a means of supporting artificiality, and abuse of its propagated value and Authority. Of course in “Society”, it’s made a Necessary Evil. The FACT is we have the Technology and Capability that there should be NO Greed or the Hungary but that Is a larger subject we have yet gotten in to really but still an Actual opportunity and possibility for over a century now, It will come eventually but the sad fact it’s been HIJACKED and manipulated with such things as the “Social Score” so that We don’t REALIZE the REALITY, MONEY is not NECESSARY when All things could be FREE and if they WHERE People would not be left wanting, and if they can have anything they often if not always want nothing and live Minimally, In-turn ENDING all REASON for 90% of ALL CRIMINAL ACTIVITY! In EFFECT making much of the SYSTEM REDUNDANT and UNNECESSARY, meaning ENDING the GAME.

@John Consider you would NOT know God as you do, IF no one TOLD you, IN Fact if no one did, you would most likely have more belief and FAITH in yourself above and before all other things, be it Gods or Kings.

I am not trying to Turn you from “GOD”, I am only suggesting that you can look a little Deeper Rather Then outward or away.

Even though I do understand what you’re saying, I have slept on the street and eaten half eaten frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from the garbage at one time, I can and do relate to hardship, Today I live simple and minimally, thankfully, consider also the less we are encumbered and burdened the clearer and critical becomes our awareness and thinking.

I hope you can find your way safely and successfully, or that “God” my guild you and empower you however, I think it works very much inversely, It’s a harsh reality to accept to say the least.

What can you do that would make you smile or laugh to feel better or happier, Consider the “FEELING” and “Act” of these things are HEALING, and even if small, the more we can obtain the more we gain. What Can You Do for yourself that Will make “you” FEEL better, not what will necessarily Solve a problem but that will put a smile on your face, do it, and don’t worry, the more you don’t the more will get done, surprisingly.

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I am sorry that I just don’t know how to respond to this. But thank you I can see that you mean well :slight_smile:


I knew that I should not have said anything about money :slight_smile:

“As far as making money, legally in business, I am very interested in that, I like to prosper, help others prosper and have FUN working together. I think a good business is all about SERVING someone, I am guessing that being a good christian, might be about serving some one also.”

(how do you do a blockquote? :slight_smile:

You’re interested. I’m interested. Have you seen my videos?

I would like to talk with you. How shall we proceed?


InfoComms needs to employ a person full time to connect face-to-face with those on here like @john.

Perhaps contacting @John and referring him to a trusted biblical counselor. If this cannot be done, perhaps posting trusted resources for those who are tormented in here:


Also, InfoComms needs to start taking notice of those in here who are working for antifa, threatening the innocent and intimidating those who are spreading truth.

Most of the people who were contributing here have left due to harassment, doxxing, death threats, and intimidation. The re-start failed. I would be on my way out of here as well were it not for a few trusted truth-tellers.


Some people just NEED to tell their story and have people LISTEN.
This is a gift that one can give to another. To LISTEN carefully to a person’s story and take time to acknowledge where that person is at. How many suicides, murders, violent crimes could have been prevented if we JUST WOULD HAVE LISTENED!

If you have NO ONE to tell YOUR STORY to and YOU FEEL ALONE. Tell your story here. It is an open invitation, use it! Overwhelm this ministry with stories. It is not required that you are in Christ. Tell the world where you are RIGHT NOW. THE WORLD IS LISTENING> the NSA is listening but MORE IMPORTANTLY and MOST DEFINITELY GOD IS LISTENING!!

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Yes, address me, please. That is what I have been asking for all along in the Infocomms. And it is just too damn bad that asking for someone;s help is such a sin when it involves something real like asking for a job and to be with people who care. And, yes, I made a mistake in thinking that some person who I shall not name represented my only hope, given that I am facing starvation. What a crime. What a dangerous notion. This person couldn’t conceive of bringing anyone else in except to defend themself from a perceived potential monster. And now that they have it is not for anything substantial like a way to live, like a job, but to deliver words. This person lacks understanding for sure.

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