LA Mil Op Training is more than they are saying?


There is something SERIOUSLY going down… :thinking:




There have been about 4 different threads on this, and it was already mentioned they’re going after MS-13. If you’d stop thread-whoring, you might have actually recognized this.

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Wow, that’s interesting. Wonder if they are seizing that building in L.A.?
Wonder if that’s why Wells Fargo went down?


Sounds like somebody has a problem…You should figure that out hun… By the way I link more threads together than any other user so get over it already… Not that serious :roll_eyes: Stay in your lane :rofl::joy::kissing_heart:


Except for me. But I know what you mean. The kind of things I’m linking are more Pew Die Pie Eccentric. I’m the comics section of the newspaper. You’re more the front page. I’m on the newspaper, too, but more in the back. Thread Whoring shouldn’t be any more a problem than free markets. Many news outlets report on the same stories, the same breaking news. Is that thread whoring news? People compete on the same threads on television, on the Internet, and regardless of what we want to call that, be it free market journalism, or be it news whoring, it is what it is. Some people may have a problem with it. But I love the competition. May the better threads win. If two people post the same thread, then let the free market decide. Simply reply to the thread you like the most. Like all my retarded threads. I can only reply three times in a row to my own threads. People could let my threads die. The mods could disable my ability to create new threads. And like I said, people can decide which threads and comments to ignore. You’ve said that. Some people may have claimed that they can’t ignore things. That’s too bad for them. It’s call prioritizing. It’s a critical skill for kids to develop. Multi-tasking is another fundamental skill that should be cultivated.

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:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: oh so true


You don’t link shit, you spam misconceptions, gibberish and brabbl… lol wtf are you smoking that you actually think your doing anything then being a fucking troll and nuisance to this community and the so many you Leech off of as you clearly lack any thing of your own but confusion and Delusion.

Shut up already… your like a disobedient dog willing to steal others properly for your lacking of anything of a perceptible value or even being noteworthy.

Sad dude very sad…


It is a serious matter when you are the one paying the bills for both disk space and bandwidth. Every new thread costs this venture even more money for upkeep, and it adds up. The owners are already strapped for cash and personnel time as it is; you don’t need to make it worse.

Linking the threads does not help, as you still have the underlying problem of waste. This is why it is within the community guidelines that you first search to see if the topic is already being discussed prior to starting a new thread. There’s nothing wrong with reviving an old discussion if you have new points to make.


Yeah I highly doubt the validity of that statement… Why don’t you go fetch the proof of what you claim and then we’ll see… But as I see it, why in the world would anyone give FREE ACCESS to something that could potentially cost them out the a** for use… Yeah… Good try tho…I really don’t think Alex is that ignorant as a business man… We would all be paying a subscription cost if that were the case… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Like I said… Get over it already and find someone else to hassle… I ain’t got time for your ridiculousness… :grin::+1:

Oh and I think if he’s that strapped for cash… This site would be the first thing taken down if it was costing the way you described it to be… :joy::rofl::joy:


I design sites like this for a living, and I know exactly what goes into them in terms of storage. The memory cost of a thread, not only in terms of the base table but all of the necessary sub-tables, is exponentially higher than a single post on an already existing thread. You may not think much of it now, but when you start having thousands of these, especially if this board is able to grow to a point where the administrators would like it to be, that memory cost, which is a metered charge given I’ve seen the sales side, grows higher and higher on account of inefficiency.

A necessary trait in fighting any sort of war is resourcefulness. Conserve what you have so you may make it last as long as possible.


Link spamming is ridiculous…


It’s not really gonna matter soon anyways… And rather than harass me about creating legitimate content why not harass the idiots infighting… Oh I know…because your a troll just like them… This site is turning into a huge FAIL anyways because people would rather criticize others than actually contribute to the conversation… So AGAIN I REPEAT…GET OVER IT…




Here we go… Major cover-up… Possible bioweapons op… :thinking::thinking::thinking:



Since, I can’t msg you, Have you looked into David Zublick. I found him on YouTube, Truth Unsealed is his channel, check it out and tell me what you think… So far I’m going with it
Thanks… Sean


I have… I’ve seen a lot of his stuff… He’s actually one of my sources for info… But he’s super controversial… Not for everyone :wink:

We put some up on the Soros topic actually :wink: