Laura Loomer Announces Possible Run for Congress


Great - so Laura, Loomer is saying that she might run for congress - that is what I have been saying and posting for a while now - but…RUN AS A DEMOCRAT! BTW - whatever happened to JOY VILLA’S run for congress? Remember that even Trump had publicly congratulated her - Hmmm? Just a publicity stunt?



I like Laura Loomer. I am assuming she will run for a New York seat. Anyone know which congressional district?


I hope she wins. I like her too.


She is opposition, she is a ZIONIST!


I support…


Are infowars people Zionists? I swear these people Alex has on are all Zionist infiltrators of the patriot movement, I am a non believer, and I am quite sure Christianity and Judaism do not have the same patriot goals! Because one is to America…and the other is having Americans support Israel or they are Nazis and ANTI SEMITES!


She said that she would be running for a Florida seat


I hope she runs against Wasserman-Schultz. Laura would beat the crap out of Debbie.


I have been thinking about this.

I love plenty about Loomer but it seems like she and others in a similar “spirit” like the guy she was with on Sunday’s show care only about their view counts. Zionist for clicks. Target the big names never helping the small US citizens out in trouble but if you get views, it’s fine. Of course you were censored, we all are. I will be watching news where people are helping others in real need and not just questioning the notable to get more “clicks for Israel.”

Millie talks to the homeless in Anaheim but Loomer gets clicks from the rich in Beverly Hills.

Maybe Loomer should go to Israel and show us some of the corruption there. That would be next level. Israel vaxx conventions selling to the US? Israel exporting citizens trained to harm and scam US citizens for money? Go to it Loomer! We want to see the harmful side of Israel so we are proud to have the US as our only “homeland.”


The Zionist cause is not the AMERICAN cause! No to Loomer…she is controles ops!


@FreedomFighter414 but will they question their own and put #AmericaFirst ?

Joel Gilbert will not question the average Jew and while he may have used Clinton’s son for views and gave him a platform which is appreciated, I don’t believe it really helped return any biological children to their parents or grandparents.


Laura Loomer has a rite to run for Congress. I suspect she would be a great debater and if her motives are right, she could be a powerful beacon, bringing the common man’s voice to the masses.


haha, you said rite.

Buddha abandoned his wife and children but I am Buddhist, running for a US tax payer funded position, and praise my homeland of Nepal.


Darn tootin rite I did!


Buddhists are some of the most non-violent on earth. I love a few myself and have great compassion for them; as I do Mormons, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc. All humans made Imago Dei.


Loomer can smoke this gerthy Russian kielbasa! I am not voting for that Zionist!


Yes, that is me. Non-violent. You will vote to use US tax money to pay me to give more of your money to Nepal right?


Jared Kuschner is really the President!


Makes no sense to me. Unless, you are referencing gov’t funding going to countries that are not allies?