Laura Loomer Announces Possible Run for Congress


Agreed. Makes no sense to me either.


I think we might have the same sense of humor but still testing it out, for fun of course!


She is much more effective where she is right now, just like when Michael Savage was contemplating running for Senate. When you hold office, you truly become a puppet, and are behest to the party that helps you to get elected.


But when you fun for office people listen to you with more interest and you gave access to people that you might not get as a journalist. While you have the ear of many you can then bring up the real issues and this is all whether you win or not!


You also get placed under heavier scrutiny. Your life, past and present, is no longer private. You only get past the primary if you adhere to the will of the party. And that’s also how you keep your job.


Perhaps I ran twice in the 90’s for state rep as a Dem there were some issues but I also had a judge let off light in traffic matter he told me from the bench that he liked what I had to say as he heard me speak at a Ward meeting and he was a board member