Laura Loomer Protest at Twitter, February 20th, 2019



Bring your AJ masks, and your Roger Stone and AJ full size standees?


I wish I could be there.


Same. Too much distance


This will be on a Wednesday. If you can’t get there, then find another place to go to and bring your friends there instead.


That’s a good idea. I think I will do that. I could make some signs.
I will do Twitter and Infowars signs.


Maybe everyone could coordinate a parallel protest in other areas and contact Laura to let her know :thinking: like solidarity protests… we used to do them for the Occupy movement…those types of protests get mega attention…


Too Far for me, but i will stay off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media, except IW Army Comms. Febuary 18, 29 and 20. #Alexjones


We cannot impact culture if we avoid culture.


#48Dark Buddy, join the Resistance. :wink:


I’m going to try to go out here with a sign.


Just a reminder of Laura Loomers protest.


@artsyneva, thank you for the reminder. This Wednesday.

Twitter is a public square. Some websites may not be, but Twitter is. And Twitter used a bait & switch. The INFOCOMMS forum might not be a public square. There might be a difference, just maybe, I’m just saying.


Just a friendly reminder of this protest.