Leftist Events in Your Area


We should keeps tabs on Movements & Events that The Left puts on.
Keep your eyes out for Local Stuff, post it here and potentially bring more
eyes to it, or get a Counter-Protest started up.

This one by me here in Chicago would be a perfect example of an Event that
a person could go to Undercover. Not to Disrupt or Infiltrate really, but to bring light to
what is actually happening at these sort of events. To show what kind of Ideas or Propaganda
they are pushing.

This is a 4-Day Event
Starting on The Fourth of July
No Borders? No Bosses? No Binaries??

I would Love to Attend this… but the Socialist are Expensive! haha
There is a small chance I might go one of the days…

Post a Meme, Image, or Video
The Infowars Time-Capsule Challenge

Yep, reconnaissance is strategic to formulating activities producing sustainable results. Particularly in PsyOps battlefields.

Personal opinion is long-term conversion by intellectual exchange of ideas is my preference towards current and future society stability.


There ya go…

With how many events these people make, and all the people that attended, it’s imperative to go and either try and change minds/have conversation or Expose what goes on.

I think you’re right, it would have to be over time and sort of under the radar.
The Socialism Movement is picking up steam, I think, because it’s riding the Coat tails of

  1. Bernie (Democratic Socialism, whatever that is)
  2. Anti-Trump Hysteria (Socialism Doubles as an answer to everything Trump)

I believe that a lot of people jumping on the Socialism Train are misguided and can be shown
what The Constitution/Americana & Capitalism was meant to be and can be in the future.


That’s a Hot One too…

Bernie is a Contender!

I would think for a Bernie Rally, maybe a T-Shirt/Photo Bomb?
Or have a sign exposing his Love for Soviet Russia!


Maybe how his wife was charged for fraud. How he didn’t have a job until 40. How free tuition isn’t free.



All of the things. haha.


Good lookin out on linking this topic to that Meme thread…
That thread gets way more attention than I thought it would here at Infocomms. Ya Dig?


Man… these Lefties can sure get events going.
They’re putting us to shame. When then all go out like this, constantly, and sometime in great numbers, it furthers the perception that Trump/Americana is a Fringe Group.

We really need to step it up. It’s just so hard for myself here in Chicago. I’m like a red drop in deep blue sea.


This Katz lady makes a good point. As many candidates as there are for The Dems,
they will all eventually get behind the same one in the end I think.

From the Article:

Many in Chicago’s active donor community continue to be willing to donate to more than one of the 24 Democratic hopefuls in the 2020 race — even those polling in the single digits — in order to see who will surface as the strongest candidate to challenge President Donald Trump.

Democratic activist Marilyn Katz is among the sponsors of the fundraiser for O’Rourke, the former Texas congressman, at the Park Hyatt, 800 N. Michigan Ave. She’s also planning on attending the Biden funder and would have attended the Gillibrand event but could not make it.

“I’ll be supporting more than one, but I like Beto a lot,” Katz said.

“… My feeling is I’m for a 100 flowers blooming at this point, because I think each of the candidates bring a new group to the party.” She added, “Each comes with their mini-constituencies we will need to gain the White House.”

Chicago’s proximity to Iowa — and deep bench of Democratic donors — make the city a must stop when the glut of 2020 contenders are coming or going to the Hawkeye state, with the first-in-the-nation presidential vote next February.

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They get paid entitlements, nothing but time on their hands and other anatomical parts. Ha haha

Plus their bored, cheap family outings, no difficulty at work dragging the energy from their enthusiasm.


HA! True Story tho…

I can hardly find time to watch 1hr of Tucker Carlson outside of work & family.
Maybe that’s part of it, our participation in The Work Force & our local Communities
is where we can go out and help spread the word.

I’m better with people that I get to know a little anyway, not some random Lefty on the street.
Then again, I do need to get out of my Comfort Zone in that way too.


Yeah maybe you can help me out too bro. I started Infocomms NH MA



Personal approach is dialogue. The value of such tactics are finding receptive people.
If engaging a leadership person expectations should be low probability of reaching point of capitulation from them.
Honing your debate skills is best rewards in those circumstances.
The minions gathering around listening to dialogue are not participating with intellectual rebuttal, those are potential successes of future transition into minimal government ideas. They having seeds of curiosity sown being bystanders of calm exchange of opposing views gives great motivation to research in private or less vulnerable gatherings.

Reasons why I don’t dig into brawling areas of protests or public rallies etcetera. Brawling doesn’t earn a leadership roll in the minds of minions, even zombies. Leadership prefer brawls to amicable discussion. They’ll be extinguishing curiosities that create wandering of minds off intolerance a tolerance ideology, if reasoning of ideas rule the day.

Besides my training and lifelong endeavour has been focused upon “Peaceful Conflict Resolution” ( PCR ).
Something like Ambassadors, Consulate liaison, attaché, envoy, etcetera.


PCR. Love it.

I do need to hone my debate skills for sure. Kinda got into it with The Wifey last night haha.

It’s the calm dialogue that can win the day in person for sure, but it seems to be the opposite on the Main Stage if you look back at 2016 Election/Debates. Trump made a Shit Show of the whole Election Hustle. That style worked for him.


I agree about Candidate Trump’s. They couldn’t play game of chicken with him. He likely has knowledge location of many closets filled with skeletons of many politician.
Long-term relationship given him advantages over the deep rooted state players and frontmen.

Being a shield that compliment the sword of his harshness in debates against them.

All insider candidates Republican and Democrat never have ability as him being outsider.

Plus his insights from exterior vantage points learning how cycles of bureaucracy move.
Many facts to underlying strengths candidate Donald Trump went into the fray of foul DC environment.

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They forgot “no walls or U.S.A. at all” part of their stupid chant.