Liberal tears over "It's okay to be white" banner


At today’s Houston infowars army sign hold we were approached by a young lady who was very triggered over the “It’s okay to be white” banner and our “Trump 2020” banner.

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Another great day triggering leftist in Houston infowars army with my @NormaJeanne89. Love you baby.

This is why this forum was created.


Did we get any footage of the two whales that called the city and, was bitchin at the cop?


It was really fun today, glad we went out there and did it. Love you too Baby.


It’s hilarious. That sign could’ve said it’s okay to be [insert anything but white] and she would’ve had no problems with it.


That video on the overpass is priceless.

I pray she is able to reunite with her other family that defended the constitution. “It’s O.K. to be white”

The adoption thing at the end!


I like when she says, “I’m shaking”…this eats at leftists to their core!!!



“OMG I’m shaking,this is not ok” :rofl: This is the classic definition of an NPC lol




If anyone else wants to try…send this in to [email protected] or [email protected] !!!


You are correct. This IS why this forum was created, not what it is has turned into. Thank you for posting this.


She’s a poor idiot that has so clue…


I won’t make fun of her. I feel sorry for her really. She is an example of what society has been brainwashed into believing. It’s very sad. She needs to watch the anti-white news, and realize she looks very white herself, and is therefore in danger. Poor girl.


Great job guys. Keep up the good work, and spread the information far and wide. One can only wonder how many of the people passing by were redpilled, and how many were saying " Hellz Yeah! " when they saw your signs.


I feel the same way, I really felt bad for her because she truly believed that she was in the presence of racists and it made her cry. I feel sorry for her because she is so brainwashed. What got me was when she pointed at the 2 black gentlemen walking by us and told us to ask them if our sign was okay, and doesn’t even realize that her assuming that they would be offended by our sign because of the color of their skin is the only act of racism that happened on that bridge that day.


WOW! I didn’t catch that part. The audio was kind of choppy. Don’t you think it’s quite ironic that that happened? It happened to be at that moment? That is divine intervention right there.


Yep, it is pretty ironic. I’m putting her in my prayers with the hopes that someday she will wake up to what’s really going on in the world and in this country.


I want to edit that video and put the picture of the front of the bridge in the beginning to give it context. We know what she is referring to but…it is not clear with just the raw video!!!

I should have something soon…:sunglasses:


@Leviticus that would be awesome! Edit away.