Liberal tears over "It's okay to be white" banner


Oh but the dinosaur media will lie and say that they did bully this poor girl.


I agree it was alright but the person seemed a little aggressive in tone with the go to in the beginning - maybe just me. Later she lightened up and almost seemed to try to reach out to her.

The guy at the very end was my fav.

I just try to think, if this was our kid stolen many years ago, how would I want her treated?


I didn’t think so, they were just using a firm voice. To make a clear statement.


Videos like this make your demonstrations so much better. “It hurts! Owwweeee!” lol Congrats!


@NormaJeanne89, @Johnboy, @Texas_T, @mr_president2028 I posted your video on GLP and it got pinned. Also posted it on 4chan and it is getting lots of comments…FYI!!!

Godlike Productions


View count of this channel is climbing steadily and the comments!!!


Them 4chan people tho Prue greatness!


@OwenShroyer is talking about getting you guys on the WarroomShow…Nice


I think parts of the video is worthy of WAR ROOM. I pray you guys did not just put that woman on the bike up to it. The things she says are almost too predictable.


That cry she does and the wrinkle in her mouth is very hard to fake!!!


Highly Doubt my boys would do that!!!


Your video went semi-viral…:+1:


You got to love 4chan!!!



It was 100% real bro


Bra, I pray it was 100% legit. Any chance she would call in or come on the show?


Thx Greg. That’s my boy


I just don’t want to believe this is happening. Like, maybe it is time for my blue pill.

How can she really be serious and you have a whole team of people out there!


Well that’s the big problem isn’t it.?

ALL we care about is getting out there with our message, we don’t think about anything else.


There was only four of us and she rode up on rent a bike lol


Same Houston infowars army event.