Liberal tears over "It's okay to be white" banner


The bridge event from last week on April 3rd


On the back side of the trump flag you should go over it again so it can be seen from both sides


This is an epic moment right now. You are on the front page of with the most prominent article.

@Leviticus is the man!


That’s epic.!!! This is another reason we love getting out there.


Both sites. Gotta love the crew at IS.


Dude this is so lit I hope this event sparks others on the comms to get out and, film some great content 9k views on youtube! I’m really proud of us I will say next time we have someone talking we shouldn’t dog pile on them. Our goal is to pass out redpills and, its easier to do so one on one. However if the person calls you out while talking to someone else by all means hop on in but, I think its far more effective for one on one discord in stead of dog piling on someone. (Not directed towards anyone just saying for maximum effectiveness)

Cuz I think I could of red pilled that Lady but I think she felt out numbered ya know?


As if White people have never been oppressed, come on man, every race has, how about the Dust Bowl, heading West in Covered Wagons, how many Whites died defending oppression in the Civil War? How many in Normandy, so she could ride her rental bike freely.



Right it sucks that my back was turned I was making some really good points about indentured servitude and, how people who came here legally had to stay in quarantine for 3 to 6 months.

I do feel bad I made her cry and, now she’s a meme.


You did a really good job, I’m proud of you.


Thanks just doing the lords work! The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.


I agree, I shouldn’t have jumped in so much and just let you talk to her. I wish the audio would’ve picked up on your voice more though because we can barely hear what you were saying and you were making some good points.


Next time I’ll think of the camera I was just going off the cuff. You seldomly see history in the moment ya know. I really think this is gonna be the first of many big thing our little group does check out the message I sent @Johnboy I’ll tag you in it. But its OK we are all very passionate about these kinds of things.


I could hear everything perfect, I’m a 1st Calvary Combat Veteran, you all have my utmost respect, you were all on the front lines as foot soldiers.


Thank you so much for your service brother! I couldn’t join the core my granddad said I would die due to my asthma. But I give you my word as a American Patriot I will die for this country if it comes to it. This is nothing like wiping your ass just has to be done I love our country to much to let it fall to these pedophilic scum’s programming.

This whole thing has inspired me to start writing again wrote a paper front and, back about mlk’s dream you you guys want I’ll post it here.


`Here’s some White oppression…


Yup that’s why we have guns.


Love how the people filming only freaked out when a gun was pulled. No freakout at all about the guy being attacked and beat up by 2 other guys. Ridiculous.


Post it, I’d like to read it. You should definitely start writing again if you have a knack for it. Maybe start your own blog.


That’s how cowards work!