Liberal tears over "It's okay to be white" banner


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Dr. King had a dream

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Had a dream he dreamt of a world where all shades of people live together in peace as equals. A world where all men and, women are judged not by the color of their skin but, the contents of their heart. What kind of world do we find ourselves in today and, are we any closer today seeing his dream come true or is it seemingly further and further away? Fifty one years after the powers that shouldn’t be stole him from us simply being born a white man in today’s america certain labels are forced upon you by people you wouldn’t know from Adam. Labeled a racist for simply stating “its OK to be white” while preaching Dr. Kings dream judged by the color of your skin not the contents of your heart.
I believe in Dr. King’s dream the very same people that push such division in America today are the very same people that stole him from us shadowy nameless conglomerates with Changing Faces but, the same agenda. That have warped his dream into the nightmare we face today. A choice is laid out before American’s today will we follow the piper down the rat hole of division and segregation or will we come together under the banner of red, white, and, blue to see that we are all modern day share croppers. Once we see that no matter where your ancestors came from on this pale blue marble we call home we are all Americans bound together by our inalienable constitutional rights no matter skin tone or creed. We must fight for Dr. Kings dream and, use our free speech before we all meet the chains of slavery under a technotronic dictatorship that seeks nothing more than eternal power and, influence over the minds of every single man, woman, and, child on earth. I still believe in Dr King’s dream, do you?


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Please do be “good” about treating that brain washed lady in the way you would want to be treated if you were on her bike. I see it like Owen S said today as “saving” them from the lack of information.

It is hard for people out there. It is hard for me. We should still treat each other well.


I think the lady on the bike is the hero here. How many others would be in peace walking up with their bike and a phone and really saying what you were thinking. She is the real outlier. antiFA wears the mask and beats on you for information sharing, corrupted cops drag you into holding for unnecessary assaults for telling the truth, she just came up and needed the help. I see you TX guys and gals, mostly transplants, as helping the lone star. A team to make the lone star great again.

She has been harmed for so many years through so many ways by media, community corruption, public education systems, what ever it has been but she was the only one to come up and reach out for help from the INFOWARS army team. “No woman left behind.” <- tell that to Owen.


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I will never apologize for the color of my skin. If other people out there want to be Beta bitches and do that, that’s up to them. It’s pretty dumb though, I’m not apologizing for something I have no control over.


This doesn’t surprise me one bit :joy:… I was working in Denver stopped to grab a bite and a beer after work. I had on a hat from a guys taxidermy shop… that alone had 2 guys and a gal flipping out on how shitty of a person I am.