Liberal tears over "It's okay to be white" banner


It really is OK TO BE WHITE.


It’s perfectly ok to be what you are. Black white brown red whatever you are. Its ok to be human


You are 100% correct Griff, whatever Race a person identifies with, that’s where their allegiance should rest, and they should be proud of their Ancestors. That said, It seems like the White Race is the only one that get’s chastised, they (Globally) don’t want anyone having allegiance to the White European, even a White European Descendant. Everyone, from any Race, can hold up a sign, except Caucasians. Make a Meme Video on this Topic.


Ya, they have brain defects. I have to find the video. Mark Dice had a DR on that had actually done brain scans and it showed a
Brain problem with leftest thinkers. Like the bible says he will give them over to reprobate mines.



The Brainwashing in that girl is thick.