Library Project/Geoengineering


So I saw someone the other day talking about making a library on all the topics ( vaccines, flouride, public school systems, gmos, etc)
This is something I’ve been wanting to work on myself, and am making binders with articles and stats and research and books.
When their done I’ll post them each in here as PDFs or something.

Im starting with weather modification because it’s the subject i am most passionate about.

So, id like some help from anyone else! So i dont miss things. Specifically on weather modification. Send me articles, videos… Any thing on the subject. The project will take a few weeks but I’d love other good researches assistance



Dane Wiginton is considered by many the preeminent authority on truth movement based Geoengineering. I have watched dozens of his videos over the years. I have also fact checked him, albeit to my limited understanding, I still can not find any faults with his research…Enjoy!!!


Thank you! Ill start with watching those. Im excited to watch, i dont think ive seen him before.


This is a good cite, thanks for the information




The video capture of the Shasta sky you posted is absolutely accurate! I even wrote Drudge a tip about it this morning… yesterday crisp and Blue… this morning 8 AM still Blue but grid pattern started! by 10 AM… Fully dimmed. It is depressing! and deadly! instead of letting the 50’ of snow melt slowly trickling down the streams into the rivers, this smog prevents the melt until a warm rain will melt it all in the same day and flood the CA dams until they burst.
Also the ‘metals’ settle on the forest and then the wild fires burn twice as hot!
This is a national emergency! FUCKING FAKE CLOUDS!!!
Photos from 9:15 am 3/14/2019 near Lake Tahoe


If you want to know what’s in the chemtrail fibers, visit: