Life-Altering Copyright Lawsuits Could Come to Regular Internet Users Under a New Law Moving in the Senate



The whole “copyright” situation is a complete mess, legally speaking. This cannot continue down this road of greed and corruption without a complete crash taking place.

It needs a complete rewrite, a paradigm shift. We need a better way to give credit where credit is due.

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This is what will ultimately happen and what I’m most concerned about:
“For many Americans, where the median income is $57,652 per year. This $7,500 price tag for what has become regular Internet behavior would result in life-altering lawsuits from copyright trolls that will exploit this new law. That is what happens when you eliminate the processes that tend to ensure only a truly motivated copyright holder can obtain statutory damages.”


It’s a huge problem. And the bigger problem is how we are seeing the practice of putting in place rules under an agency and then promoting those rules as law. It’s mixing civil and criminal standards in due process, which makes a mockery of the whole legal system.

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And the streamilining of it scary. Basically you get an email with your fine… WTF! I’m exaggerating it but I’m probably not to far off of what it will turn into.

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How do you enforce copyrights internationally?


Read this on how it works:


@NPC, I do not like that article.


One wonders if the content distributors will be responsible for showing copyrighted materials. Is not a page of search results not content? Sure, it was created arbitrarily on request, but it is sharing and providing links to materials that may be subject to copyright. This is a disaster and a round about way to destroy meme culture and remove individual participation on the Internet in general. I’m sure the big players will be exempted.




Europe either passed or was trying to pass a Link Tax for example. Also, the EU was also trying to ban memes. Also, they’re attempting to murder Tommy Robinson, etc.