List of Known Leftist Scandals


Please add to the list (as many details as you can remember), so we can keep all of their treachery in mind:

  1. Benghazi
    Hillary Clinton essentially executed a US Ambassador and some US soldiers
  2. Spirit Cooking
    Podesta attended Satan worshipping rituals with Marina Abramovic
  3. Kavanaugh
    Bold-facedly slandered a man for purely political reasons
  4. Fast and Furious
    AG Eric Holder sells guns to Mexican cartels to demonize 2A, strip Americans of rights; US Federal Agents end up dying as a consequence (shot dead with those firearms).


33k missisng emails—Hillary deleated 33k emails from her private server after being subpoenaed (I guess this would technically go under the Benghazi scandal but may be able to stand on its own)


LOLITA EXPRESS—Jeffery Epstiens guests included numerous visits by Bill Clinton, who would leave his security detail and go by himself


Trail of suspicious deaths behind them. And that’s only the ones that are known.


Smashed and Bleachbitted Devices
After being informed she was under investigation, Hillary Clinton destroys evidence.


Does this count?

Sen. Kamala Harris finds herself at the center of a sex scandal.


Secret Service Ditched
Bill Clinton ditched Secret Service on a number of occasions to spend time on the Lolita Express.


I was really looking for massive ones that are getting old and which we might let slip our minds , but I suppose that one might qualify.


Don’t know if this counts, but Obama’s failed “Obamacare”


How about the assault on R. Paul at his own home, and how is was reported by MSM? How about the Rep. baseball game? DO they count?



Definitely his OUTRIGHT LIES

If You Like Your Doctor You Can Keep Your Doctor
Obama straight up lies to America, and hires a man who later admits to having worded Obamacare deceptively in order to dupe Americans.


I think it does count. Didn’t some on the Left actually justify that attack?
Wasn’t the SPLC involved (just as in the FRC shooting) since they advertised the baseball game?


Iirc, they did in fact justify the attack, and refused to denounce the crime.
As for the game, I do remember several people justified that too with impunity.
More of the: standards, guidelines, rules, and laws are for you, not for them.


I just remember something like 20 large scandals under Obama…


Obama’s-Lerner’s IRS Persecuted Conservatives


Here this may give you some ideas:


Obama Illegally Backs Iranian Terrorist Gov’t with $Billions


I can’t find the video, but Hillary Clinton literally pretends she doesn’t know there is a country named “Turkey”, and pretends questions are being asked about a “turkey”, to deflect questions regarding Benghazi.


Obama’s Birth Certificate Proven a Forgery


Comey Exonerated HRC Prior to Investigating