List of Known Leftist Scandals


Also Obama’s bail out of the banking industry on his first day as President…( The Obama Deception is a great doc)


Can’t believe I could have forgotten that. Yes!


HOw about when he allowed the 30 min air strike against a hospital (doctor’s without borders?)


Yeah “Medicins Sans Frontieres”!


Well there could be a scandal brewing here:


A. The Russians used Fentanyl, an Opium style narcotic on Chechen Rebels.
B. It is an opiate, and can be used in varying amounts, to knock out an opponent.
C. In a strong concentration, It can kill.
D. I smelled a butane, musky smell in my old apartment and put fans in the window.
I moved out a week later.
E. In that previous building, a resident called 911 and the fire police came to check for gas, there was not any gas line to the building near his room.
F. Last night, and this morning, I heard a noise in the ceiling then smelled the same smell of gas, there is no gas in my building,
I called the emergency number and the landlord told me there was not gas in the building. I called 911 and the fire police came. They said no gas. I showed one of the officers the Fentanyl article and he asked if I was sane. I replied that I typed in mysterious gas and that the article came up.
G. I thanked them for coming out. More Details to Come.
H. I live in a blue/red state, Pennsylvania. My apartment is in a medium to upper scale neighborhood.

Good Morning Patriots
Day of mourning 2/23 mommy activist ... and homeschooling website information - i feel parents should be more aware of the cirriculm their children are learning thats half the problem with what taking place in the schools/indocrination Sharia law etc

1967 Immigration lottery Act aka: no whites allowed legislation. Brought to LAW by Ted Kennedy.


I’m talking about the ones in recent years that are known and which should inform our view of the Left. Maybe starting with the Clinton years.