**Live in Paris with Yellow Vests** CRAZY!





It’s getting ridiculous there!! :pensive: The whole city is locked down!! :dizzy_face:


I’ve been watching all morning…it’s getting more violent and the police have been gassing them nonstop!! :pensive:


Report from yesterday


https://www.facebook.com/localteamtv/videos/264740114174538/UzpfSTEwMDAwMDQ5NjE1NzczMjoyMjEyNzU0Njk5MDQ2Nzg1/ The battle continues


They just brought out the water Cannon!!!


Yellow vests are creating barricades :pensive:


I was just watching that live feed like 20 mins ago. Not as many police ate there like they said would be on the media. Wah Wah Wah

Still awesome to see that city come alive with all those yellow vest


Yeah it’s about to get really ugly soon I think :pensive:


Yep they are starting fires now :pensive:


One guy just threw the flag on the fire :astonished:


Yeah I saw that guy toss that flag in the fire Wtf dude? Looked like bamboo trees burning.

Now it’s just a throwing rocks & tear gas contest.




The blue army looking tanks just showed up.

Where Marine La Penn…?


I wonder if there gonna take a lunch break.

Hey even rioters & police have to eat. :hamburger::fries::pizza:


The more force they use the angrier the people will be :pensive: that’s just common sense


They are gonna run out of tear gas again…they keep wasting it :woman_facepalming:t4: geez I mean honestly what are they trying to accomplish?!?


LoL @Johnboy I was thinking that earlier…like did anybody pack a snack bag?? Hahahah