Looking for Feedback


Yup. @Bingozee is a troll.


Well, I’m going to have to get used to it, I guess. That life verse I mentioned earlier is from the Weeping Prophet (chapter one, verses five through nine).

Today I had to lose a friend because I had to say no to his pet project (I simply don’t have the time). That heartache is far deeper than anything random people in an online forum could ever deal out.

Thank you for the encouragement, @MamaPotato.


@Billsey I’m sorry to hear about your friend. That loss does leave a heartache like no other. I’ve lost many friends on this journey and I know the feeling all too well. Stay strong brother and you will be in my prayers!! :pray::revolving_hearts:


You know, since showing myself wearing this shirt, i have, now, seen someone else doing video wearing the same polo shirt; in fact, someone from my home burg. :wink:


Yeah, it hurts. i won’t lie, but a soldier goes on.

I have been trying to upload my next episode of Martus For Truth (the first effort stalled out, and I had to start over) to my Facebook page ( @billsey777 if you’re interested). I did succeed in posting my two meager efforts at OBS (still got a LOT to learn about that software. Great promise, there, by the way. It’s FREE, so try it out!


Amen brother. Keep fighting the good fight!! God bless!! Looking forward to your next video!! I’m not on FB anymore so please post here if possible!! :+1::heart::grin::hugs:


I can post the link, once it’s up, but I don’t have enough juice left to upload it again, without getting the laptop back on its charger, and I don’t have Internet at home, yet.


K link will be fine!!


The Greatest weapon, for us, in the fight is found upon our knees…

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