Looking for musicians


I have i song written. But have no knowledge on how to play instruments.
I’m into metal music for the most part and not that new crap like five finger fist f#ck. Anyone out there


I taught myself to play the drums, but I sold my kit a few years ago when I lost a job and had to sell stuff.


I’m gunna buy mixcraft pro studio. Already bought my mic. My buddy plays guitar but does everything at a snails pace. Oh i have a drum set just needs skins


I’m a producer, happy to help.


Alright. Where do i start as far as what instrument and all that, i know what sound i want just have no idea how to put it together.


What’s the concept? Do you have lyrics? What’s the style and/or mood you think would best work for what you want to say?


I’m not sure what you mean by concept but heavy metal .I have lyrics all done. If you know the band halford that’s the style im after. I also plan on singing it.


I actually have a sample i recorded i could email you. Its just vocal


Like this?


Hahaha thats great, kinda just heavier but on target.:metal:


I’d get a band together. Put a flyer up at Guitar Center. If the musicians are into it, you might get some real talent.


I play guitar
Crunch crunch
Let’s get brutal


I play Honky Tink piano and Johnny Cash style guitar.


Ok the music that I’m into or plan on doing is basically political
calling out the cowards and traitors the problems with our societal standards


Woops, I mean Honky TONK piano.


I can play guitar, also can make autismwave in renoise.


What kinda music are you into. I listen to all but rap. But am going for heavy metal.


I listen to quite a few kinds of music, metal included, but not everything though. I do like heavy metal. Mind you I’m unpracticed right now so you might want someone more disciplined for right now.


10-4 brah, if you change your mind let me know. Im just looking to get this one song done.


I guess if no one else can or wants to I’ll give it a go.