MAGA_TITAN Wants Everyone to Post Their Phone Number On INFOCOMMS


Who thinks that is a good idea…just curious???


I think it is a great idea. My number is 1800-EAT-SHIT :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Horrible idea… If he had half a brain he would know better than to ask about that…


RING, RING is this Bob Ross?


@leviticus I think someone’s making things up cause ur boy Texas has 0 respect for people whom lost loved ones…Then drags Infowars, & Proud Boys into it.


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Where are you getting this from???

@MAGA_TITAN hasn’t been active and never said a thing about posting phone numbers.

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He knows what he did…it created a fuck-ton of confusion on this forum!!!

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@Leviticus only person confused is you ole man…


MOA you have the brains god gave a fucking rock!!!



You should probably start a lawsuit against the Board of Education… It seems the Education system failed you.

Please evaluate your sentence structure…need some spelling lessons as well.

Theres always Schoolhouse Rock




If you are a public person, it is already on the Internet. For example, Infowars has a call-in number that is on their website. So, publishing what was already published is not a problem. It is only a question for each individual in regards to how private and public they really want to be.


I was already banned here for being public. So, I guess being a public person here is not allowed for me, one would guess.


This here is…CLOWN WORLD!!!


People used to send me their phone numbers in the public online.



OK go ahead Joey…Post your phone number and hold your breath until I call you!!!

Promise me you will do that!!!

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I already did do that. If you don’t know that, then you don’t know anything. You can find my number on the Internet. I’ve posted it many times. Many different websites. You just have to Google me to find things out about me. I’ve been doing this for so many years. If you don’t know that, you are no better than people who act surprised to find out that Alex Jones has a website called Infowars.



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Um…how bout no…
I’ll give you a burner phone number.
I dont want you incels calling me, jerking off to my bass voice! Lol.


Yes, he did ask for phone numbers. @Leviticus posted the link to the thread. MAGA_TITAN did say that people didn’t have to, was just a request.

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…and after that he ask members to send it via email.

There is no their there… it’s a nothing burger. Is this supposed to tarnish his reputation? What’s the point…