Mamal higher primate abilities fact or fiction


What can human beings do? And what can they not do? or not yet?
What do people say in history, myths, legends and fiction, and what are some of the common
themes that have long histories.
Prophecies, future predictions
telepathic telekinesis
what is in the bible and what does it say?

Some times I think about things that have made such a HUGE difference in our lives, and were very
hard for us to attain, but now seem so simple to us in hind site.
FIRE can you create fire? are you pretty confident that you could do it? Because you know it can work,
you know it is a thing, and even if you have to rub sticks till your hands bleed you know if you get it right it will work. How about the Wheel, I betting most of you could build a cart. Even basic flight, a glider,
electricity, metal. there are so many that in hindsight yes, Monkey SEE MONKEY DO>
But what about if MONKEY never see? what if monkey not supposed to know, what if dangerous
for monkey to learn to much. What if telepathy and telekinesis is more about LEARNING than magic.
What if it’s more about understanding how matter is here or there, and why, and then understanding
what our bodies already do, and can do. Do we have a magnetic field, do we produce electricity,
what do our bodies actually do?

I HOPE YOU WILL ALL JOIN ME in a different MK ULTRA type thread from a different angle.
I like the one we have now for news articles and links to stories and tech, I thought this thread
could be a place were we could talk about it.


Well I believe according to scientists we use very little of our brain. God protects us from the spirits with our bodies. So I believe we do have a certain shield around our bodies to protect us from the spirits. He does not allow us to use all our brain because if we did we would see the spirits.
The mad scientists CIA, test chemicals on people all at once and they all see the same thing, thats because what they are seeing is real, (It could be some sort of insight or a picture. Because those chemicals open our brains to the spirit world, also they could be seeing demons that show lies. People think there are all these dimentions, theres not (In my view) except ours, then the Universe Milky Way, Alpha Century, the Universe, Then there is outside these two dimensions and that is heaven. Where Jesus ascended up to.
I think we all have some insight preminitions and Gut feelings. But God forbids the occult. But I dont consider.premenitions the occult.


@Fubar, you are right and I should probably write some articles about some of those things. There is a lot there.

@Artsyneva, humans use only five to ten percent of their brains, says some people, because humans are not what they once were. Humans have been devolving, not evolving. We are sick. We are falling apart. According to the Bible, it is because of the curse. But people don’t have to be religious to see depravity, to see how broken human beings became. The good news is that we can still recover a little and get some of that back. I don’t know how much of our brains we can get back but I believe in at least trying. Why not try, right?


Do you believe the BIBLE? I mean REALLY? How did Moses part the red sea?
or cause the plagues, or the manna? there are to many stories to list, let alone Jesus.
So were they physically different then us? What is the difference? FAITH
BELIEF? Maybe they believed they could, just like if I open my hand and drop the rock it falls down.
It does not float away, not yet. What do WILD animals smell? FEAR? What’s the worst thing to do?
Turn and RUN! NO I SAY, have NO FEAR AT ALL. IF you have NO FEAR, the wild animal is fearful of YOU. Why? Some want me to get to NUTS and BOLTS asap, but before we talk mechanics
we need to at least map out where we want to go, what we want to try, and what we as multiple brains
think are possible and not. So I guess I would rank them like this, just my own thought.

From most simple to harder.

  1. lucid dream day dream giving your mind freedom to go where ever introduction to the either, what I will call the M.E.S>h from now on. The name I learned for what is best know today as Peter Higgs Sub atomic field. M.E.S>h stands for Magnetic Electro-static Sub-Atomic Halo-Graphic-Stroid.

  2. Understand what our past is and how our brains were intelligently designed to perform in this specific environment. GOD MADE US THIS WAY. TO HAVE FAITH, our intentions affect the sub atomic field,
    and our brains interact with the mesh day and night, all your intuition, telepathic abilities, Mother’s knowing about there children, spouses knowing with out words, like radar oriely on mash always
    picking up the phone a few seconds before it rings and we make jokes about it.

  3. telepathy

  4. tele kensis

  5. tele piro

I have run out of time for now, but please fill in, attack, joust, sharpen, ALL WELCOME dogpile.

:studio_microphone: The Bingozee Thread, OPEN

Try tthat Monkey boy

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There has been much attack and pissing contests in this place, and I know it has discouraged many,
But your response is why I LOVE THIS SITE, sword sharpens sword, and understanding learns and
sees new and different angles agree or not, learning happens. Thanks and look forward to your future comments. And I will try to dig deeper and explain more and better, God Bless YOU!


Not to split biblical hairs, but that’s “…iron sharpeneth iron…” :sunglasses:


I think alot of people have that I have alot of dreams in the past that happened to the detail…Then I realizied that God wanted me to pray about that dream, pray for the person in the dream to be protected and be saved. So when it happens hopefully they will be saved. Or God can stop it from happening but he wants us to pray. Maybe if I had prayed after I dreamed two I think it was three times the same dream two black guys with guns one pointed at me, there was just fog around the rest of the dream. I did not pray about it and it happened. Maybe God would have stopped it from happening if I had prayed.


The bible in Genesis said God created the whale then other animals. The scientist say that the whale is the oldest.mamal.


I’m not really sure why some believe the Bible is only metaphorical. And I was totally stunned at the comment that Jesus’ crucifixion was the crucifixion of all humanity.
Bingoze, don’t go into theology. Any time the Bible uses a name, it is literal. When it talks about places, it is literal. News flash!!! Jesus Christ’s ministry, death, burial, and Resurrection are a matter of history OUTSIDE the Bible. Science keeps trying to claim the Bible is wrong but every time they find hard facts it agrees with the Bible. Where the Israelites crossed the Red Sea has been found and documented. Cities were destroyed as described. History has many gaps in it because they base it off Egyptian history but if you base it off Biblical timelines all the gaps close. (See the documentary PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE)
The Religion of Evolution makes many assumptions and claims it is “Science”. Once these false claims and unsupported ideas are removed Evolution looks incredibly silly.
Kent Hovind Creation Seminars Link or google the words in the link if you don’t trust links. Many interesting things explained biblically. Creation, Flood, Grand Canyon in weeks, Age of the Earth, Fallacies of Evolution, etc. Bring popcorn and an open mind.



Being honest, I use to be a Christian and I studied and studied, read all kinds of claims by Christians of the “historical record” and none of it has shown that to be true.

If a person is honest, they will have to admit that there is a couple of mentions of a person claiming to be a messiah and those mentions are from nearly 200 years AFTER his alleged death, right about the time the Catholic church was getting started. That is no coincidence.

There is no evidence that is credible that the person ever existed.

There is no record at all of any large crowds gathering when this person was alleged to have made his sermons. The biblical text claims THOUSANDS gathered, yet there is not one single documentation of those events ever taking place.

It’s just my assumption, but I would think such a major event as is described of him entering Jerusalem on a donkey and thousands gathering would have been recorded repeatedly.

They had scribes in those days and you tell me that none of them recorded any of those events yet the text somehow managed to survive in some caves?

Just because a book mentions names and places that exist or existed does not mean the book is true!

Parting of the Red Sea? Same deal. No proof at all and NO the location has not been found. Every claim is mere speculation. Heck, they can’t even agree on the exact location, and to say they have is simply not true.

And for those who claim “new earth”, they have yet to dispute Obegli Tepe site in Turkey that is over 12,000 years old. But I suspect that is disputed by Christians as being a lie made up by atheists.

For the record, I think The Theory of Evolution is bunk born out of scientific ignorance.

Religion is great for those who want to believe. But don’t go around claiming something to be proven when it isn’t.

And also for the record, it is my opinion that Ken Hovind is a nutcase. I’ve read and watched some of his stuff. He proves nothing, and his ideas about the Grand Canyon is just absurd pseudoscience.


A recent study I stumbled upon gives interesting paradigm to the riding in on a donkey scenario.
Not going to attempt to summarize. Looking for the link.

Another major present era analysis having to do with calendars and appropriate alignment of Biblical timelines and scientific skewed timeline.
These alignments resolved conflicts of Dynastic timeline issues.

To @Starmaster points of historical record aren’t lining up and secular Humanist i.e. scientific industries don’t want the proper alignment.

Back with a link or two, after unknown period of time, other items on my platter currently.


Archeologically Proven

@Starmaster is right about the Bible as we are digging it up, names, places, times, details, that are mentioned in the Bible. It is accurate. Archeology proves that. Science confirms the Bible. We can talk all day about this.

Bible Germs

The Bible told people to wash their hands because of germs (unclean). There is a long list of these things.


@Memeart, you cannot stop being a Christian. That is impossible. In other words, you were never a Christian in the first place.


You might be lying about something. That is too bad. You actually are lying about many things. More on that later. We can talk for days about the things you are lying about concerning Christianity. So, we may not even have time to talk about it here. I could write a book about it.


Have you not heard of Josephus or other historians and other things? Did you not see the Dead Sea Scrolls? Who said people didn’t record it? How can you prove that the scrolls, the records, don’t or didn’t exist?


After talking about that, then you say it doesn’t matter as that wouldn’t make it true, even if a bunch of people wrote about Jesus.


In other words, you hate Jesus and you would deny Him even if He was right in front of your face. You just said that nothing can confirm what is true.


You slip over to the realm of subjectivity, away from absolute truth. You continue to lie and you probably hate

Answers In Genesis.

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I’ve got different take from that comments from @joeyarnoldvn

Perhaps due to his service in the Christian Army. Lol lolol
The major theme of my institutions are of the Ambassador elements of Christian Services or Duties, lol lolol

Biblical text distinguish between unbelievers and disheartened adherents.

Saved or unsaved is a Christian idea. Old Testament believers actually were called to repentance. Often due to external elements, influence of non Israelite sojourning possible dissuaded the brethren away, etcetera. Whatever they lost sight of historical provisions of the creator.

Many misunderstandings have arisen out of translation complication.
However those issues were around during 1st century remnant of once great Israelite Empire.

They for most part were reading from same translations. Still having human frailties encroach upon establishing strong understanding of spiritual significance in humanity.

The idea is seldom discussed being early part of return to land of forefathers Exodus message. Christian and Jewish alike seem to avoid.
That people inhabiting Promised Land during Exodus era, had been favorable in the sight of the Creator and his raising up of Israelites was for intended purging the wickedness from the land.

Don’t go there crevices of Biblical manuscripts.

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@AtypicalRift, did Israel have an empire?

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Not going to engage what appears to be beginnings of a debate in semantic nature.

Secular version rather believing the truthfulness or not of the description, falls into category of empire. Reaching the pinnacles of rise during Solomon’s Reign.

Similarly are the Judeo-Christian analysis of narrative about Solomon’s era.

Perhaps you have brief explanations of my not directly addressing the issue which your question was referencing.

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Plus the testimony of people, millions of Christians testimonies of experinces of Angels, God answering their prayers, healings, etc. If they are a true Christian then why would they lie about their experiences. Also most agree, Muslims, Buddists, athiests that Jesus was real and a good man, a prophet and died on the cross. Well if he was a good man and a prophet but not the Son of God then that would make Jesus a liar. So how can Muslims, Budddists, Athiest call Jesus a good man and a prophet if they all think he was a liar. Either he was the one and only begotten son sent to die for our sins or he was the biggist lying fraud that ever existed. I know Jesus is who he said he was. Also the Apostles would to have to be the biggest lying frauds that ever existed. How could all these so called (Not Me) I know they were telling the truth. But others thinking they are all lying frauds how could they write such a good book. ( Thou shall not lie).


Kingdom v Empire

@AtypicalRift, I asked about the empire of Israel because I thought that might have been a reference to the first century A.D. during the time of Christ and after that as opposed to during the kingdom era.


Each animal serves as an illustration of the attributes of mankind. For example, our skin can peel off like snakes. Our skin can grow back. We can work hard like ants or as lazy as sloths. We can be as busy as the bees and beavers. We can stay up late like owls or early like birds to get the worms. Humans can run fast like horses. We can swing around like monkeys. We can swim like fish, dolphins. We can be strong like gorillas. We can smell bad like skunks. We can bark like dogs. We can follow commands like dogs. We can be independent like cats. Our brains can grow back like starfish. We can eat oatmeal like the oatmeal animal that does not actually exist haha. We can fly like hawks. We can build houses like beavers. We can travel like birds flying south for the winter. We can learn like a school of fish. We can fight like teenage mutant ninja turtles. We can spread like germs. We can shock people like eels. We can hug people like bears. We can rule like lions. We can have great vision and perspective like eagles.


I was just watching a show on ancient Egypt, etc. They said that the ancient Egyprians had some sort of connection with mars (Maybe just pictures) most of those shows are just theory. But then they show mars the red planet. It looks like it was wiped out to me. But maybe thats all the metorites hitting it. Well they think ancients lived on Mars at one time and came here. Maybe thats where the Nephrelem came from. Then the flood wiped them out. And hell is in the middle of the earh now. Maybe it used to be Mars. Its red and its surface looks like hell.


What do fish learn in their schools?
You won’t be a fish out of water, lol lolol