Mamal higher primate abilities fact or fiction


Some telepath or ESP, can’t even tell who is who or see what is what, I thought maybe I shot to high, for myself, and everyone, cause, no one seems to like the subjects, So I thought maybe we need to start closer to the first step, like speed reading, and memory. Do you remember everything you see? I don’t know how each of you think, but I would say YES, even if you don’t, I think it is there. It just waiting for the PAIR, the right trigger to get you to remember it, the same carpet, or lamp, or smell, or feeling, or taste, and BOOM, it all floods back for a moment. See folks, if we are really going to explore this thread, we are going to have to be HONEST with some one, OURSELVES, like the fact that I am only repeating what you already now to be TRUE.

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I believe the brain is a memory bank that stores it all.

The “problem” is the retrieval of that stored data.

And it is a “problem” due to the individual’s prioritizing of that data.

The lower the priority, the more difficult it is to retrieve due to its compression level.

The more compressed it is, the less definition it receives for search and recall.

Compression of data is directly related to its assigned priority.


@Fubar my family has suffered ESP for meany generations on both my Fathers and mother side. I get that your getting frustrated that there is NO easy / instant answer that will satisfy your insatiable curiosity.

To even comprehend or to acknowledge the understanding, we must also have understood and acknowledge other things that facilitate the enlightenment you seek. Much as the workings of the Mind, not just theoretically, but also Physically, Psychically, Chemically, and Neurologically along with other aspects of Expression, Belief, Thought and Emotions.

It is not as simple as 1 2 3 or yes and no answers.

So lets Try this, I have ESP, So maybe start by Asking ONE question, and go from there?


I want to ask you HONESTLY, is my following idea possible? I am not saying I 100% believe this myself,
but I now understand it, and I consider it possible.

What IF? You are not exactly you? What I mean is, what if you, right now, are just playing a game.
And I am like the guy that get’s up in the middle of the movie, tells you the end, and ruins the whole thing.
So no one wants to hear it, Leave me alone, I want to finish the movie. OK. fine. stop reading go away.
But if a day unto the Lord is like a thousand years, then how long is an hour? 41.6 years per hour.

So I ask you? IF THAT IS RIGHT? How long have you been playing this game? have you finished
the first hour? According to our national averages the average would be less than 2hrs at 83 years.
and according to recent history, no body has made it to 3hrs 125 years.

Not a digital mind trick, no this is absolutely REAL, you will is inside this primate, and it is a real planet and real flesh and blood. But you, your mind, is here only for a short time, to you, a few hours. And when this flesh dies, what if you wake from this self improvement game. DIRT MAN. Kind of like if you played a game being an ANT, better a centipede running all over?

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:studio_microphone: The Bingozee Thread, OPEN

How attached to this life and this primate are you? Would you KILL? cheat or steal. Is this your one and only life? But the bible says over and over again, Don’t worry, and you will never die, good or bad.
The older I get, the more I see this shell or wrapper as just here today, gone tomorrow. I have no DEATH wish, and am not crazy. I truly believe that while I am here, I have a MISSION maybe almost pre-programmed from birth, like my dog points, or buries a bone.

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MK ULTRA mega thread shut down
:studio_microphone: The Bingozee Thread, OPEN shut down
@Alex Jones & Crew

Humans don’t evolve, we adapt. HUMANS use the entire brain, however only a small portion is contributed to conscious, thought and decision making, Also I am not sure I understand exactly what is being asked here, It’s a relatively vague question that could be answered many different ways depending, Can you be more precise or specific?

I will be answering these questions from a personal perspective and understanding that I will deliberately keep simple and short, I am not implying that my answers should apply to others or that others are Wrong if they may not think, know or believe the same or similar.

Again the Question is vague as there are aspects of all religious text that are founded on truth, fact and an actuality, however I equally understand and believe that All have been exploited facilitating the long lasting lie that Fractions of Truth stand as a foundation.

“The Paint on the Stone will ware and Fade, over time leaving only the stone, Reality”.

Fact is, if something lacks all Truth and is completely Fabricated, it is often hard if ever fully trusted or believed, people will never have Faith. So in some Contexts Yes there is something to gain by understanding not just the Bible but all Religious Texts. we cannot Say or even assume we know anything if we only choose PART or portion of any given thing. WE must explore the entirety of a thing to comprehend rationally, logically, thus Honestly. a Key to understanding religious texts is Metaphorically.

Example: “Jesus” is a Man in the minds of many because they misinterpret what is written as literal rather than Metaphoric as that is how all Scripture and scroll where written at the time of inception. Thus Metaphorically “Jesus” is the Image of ALL HUMANITY no matter the Color, Race, or Creed. The Crucifixion of “Jesus” is in FACT the Crucifixion of HUMANITY and not of a mere man or body. It is the Metaphoric story of how HUMANITY was abandon for LAW, Governance and Money rather than Responsibility or accountability, that have all come in one fashion or the other Religiously, be it a Sacrifice to a God, Profit to the Prophet and priest or Tax to the King, these are there Authority. If you did not believe you where Crucified, beheaded, burnt, whipped, hung or gutted PUBLICLY!

Theoretically also metaphorically.

Absolutely. The differences are immense, consider in the Day Genetic Traits (“Memory”) and Pathology was gained by hardship and labour that where necessary to prosper and grow, These Traits are passed on to the offspring that can be anything from Strengths and weakness, Disease and other instability such as the Genius or Pedophile. This is PART why the “ELITE” are known to be Mentally ill and Genetically tainted, at a time select Psychopathic Traits have been PURPOSEFULLY Bred in to the blood line because it was taken as a POWER and Authority, thus EVIL is a literal Mental instability and compromised Pathology genetically. The Vampire, Werewolf, all stories of these Genetic illnesses, instability and the resulting Psychopathic Tendency Gained and Given over many years Genetically, MOST times by INBREEDING.

This is WHY Royalty married Royalty and the ARRANGED marriage, in FACT only an ancient Practice of Genetic selection and breeding.

Marriage it’ self was in FACT the only RITE given to the Egyptian Slave by the “GOD’s”, A MAN was able to OWN a Woman as his ONLY property that was first symbolized by a cloth unto the Ring for the REST of his life, be it Good or Bad. So Originally Marriage is the Right for a SLAVE to OWN another SLAVE and has absolutely nothing to do with GOD or religion but Rather Rights and Laws given to the SLAVE, for the sake of maintaining a populous and genetic pooling, Hence its legal documentation and Agreement.

As for Faith and Belief, these are ancient mechanisms of which we have inherited by our indoctrinated parent, guardian, community leader, teacher and friends, most often or not because of Family and Social pressures that at the time where all encouraged and inspired religiously. These, Faith and Belief are a means of coping with the HARSHNESS of those Days, Best think about the scripture then the pig shit on the shoes, shirt and mouth. Before I would advocate to have Faith in a belief if anything religiously I would have to first ask myself, what if I did not know, what if no one told me, what if I was never Exposed. Would I still have Faith and Believe in the same or even similar if I would even have a Belief in Faith? I am not “saying” this as an offence or argument, but rationally, Logically, the only thing we inherit is that witch comes Genetically.

Basically and excluding all the bullshit associated, Belief is something WE are OFTEN if not always TOLD or INDOCTRINATED and or EDUCATED in to Believing. Faith is that WE choose to NEVER question and to again “BELIEVE” what we have been Brain washed in to thinking is all that is to be considered or thought, that in fact birthed the Fanatic and Extremism leading to the War and Army and blissful ignorance.

“When the Blade Cuts Deep into The Flesh and Bone, Nothing Will Stop Dispatching the Head from its Neck, No Matter the Belief or Faith of It.”

“We can Believe we can fly, even have the Faith to Jump, But the Sudden Instant Stop at the end Proves something else, Reality.”

Technically all “Belief” and “Faith” are founded on the Imaginary and Artificiality and are always a mechanism of which people have used for a very long time to cope and deal with the hardships of life and the experience of living. Clearly Still Exploited, Manipulated and utilized onto culture and society today.

Most Animals such as DOG’s Do Not Smell things as we do, in fact they Smell the CONTENT of the meal, for example the Proteins, Fats, Mineral, etc., a Dog may eat Feces because it still holds an amount of protein or mineral. Technically an animals Nose works more like a Chemical analyzer rather than like a human that acts more as a synthesizer, hence why We can’t smell the minerals, proteins of the Food we eat or pheromone as easily as dogs along with other animals do. For Humans sent is a Mental memory that often is associated to Seeing, where a DOG cannot actually SEE its Food below its nose, it relies solely on touch and smell. This is also why Dogs can locate Munitions, Drugs along with the plethora of other thing, they smell its Chemistry weather they can see it or not. Additionally, Animals do NOT See, hear, Sens pain, or many other things as we do, in fact they Experience things much differently.

YES, Animals smell fear, when we Experience fear we release pheromones and the literal chemistry of our mind and body change dramatically. Animals such as Dogs and Lion sense this as vulnerability, thus they do have the tendency to Attack the fearful most often. However, an Observation was made while a small dear played with a Pack of lions in Africa, it has been proven If we have LESS fear, we have LESS chance of being attacked but Rather the opposite, Accepted. Like Jain and the Apes, the Story of Tarzan and so on, All Facts that allowed HUMANITY to dominate all other species by the lack of Fear, confidence and Dignity, ALL sensed quite literally by the “Soulful” Animal Naturally (“Part Telepathy”) for the “soulless” have not this sense or ability.

1, 2 are conversations that would most definitely require a whole thread of their own, I can assure you, there is no YouTube Video or Quick answer if we truly Choose to understand, however completely acceptable for entertainment or Indoctrination.

3, would also Require a Thread of its own, but Basically It’s OUR first language, the Language of the “Soul” that is shared by the “Soulful” and living long before the word or symbol, still today but DRAMATICALLY compromised and weaken natural ability due to convenience, lack of responsibility and of course Intoxication of Human Genetics, Psychopathy and Mentality.

Anyway, again these are some Rather Large Questions you’re asking, and many could easily be researched, as a fact I would encourage you to do so, however TRY to stay away from YouTube and RESEARCH Documents, Papers, and the related Sciences. As I mentioned above, there is no Simple answer to such vague questions.

I will be Updating this Post if it isn’t Hidden first, but I will try filling some of the gaps. I enjoyed your Questions, I do hope others can contribute their understanding also. Oh one more thing, the History is a fallacy. As mentioned from the start, a Long lasting lie require a fraction of Truth as its foundation, to Sum it up, WE have always been being lied to since before Surfacing, Religions or any RECORDED history accessible Today unless by the most ancient secret society that existed before the Story of God, Adam and Eve and Man’s known history, again requiring its own thread and conversation.

Telepathy , ESP. A Topic that is important but I can assure you it will only be appreciated by a few. It can be a challenging comprehension as it requires interpersonal honesty, that is not always so easy to achieve, however Critical to humanity in the Near future.

Unfortunately, they did not, rather they were most often “Literate” while the majority of civilization was “illiterate”. The Prophesy Are portions of Deciphered code or at times a chance comprehension of what was the plan, Distributed and propagated via scripture and religious texts.

I fear people believe things are NEW, when in fact they are not. What will come will come not because it has been Prophesied by a Professor unto the head of his flock “Profit”, but because IT will be made true, That’s the plan, God or no God, it will be.

This I offer as a consideration, there are history before this, these have been repeated, for beyond the Firmament there are no scars (“Stars”), for the number of times our “GOD’S” have tried to escape and to contaminate, the theory is that the Firmament is manifest and Supported by the unified consciousness of ALL humanity and the many truths we seek. Each time “Humanity” have been exploited in one way or degree, each time our “GOD’s” attempting new and enhanced means of seeking the KEY to “Heaven” that is Hidden deep within the universal consciousness. So there may be a little more to it than simple biblical babble.

Yes in a way of thinking, but we can simplify things a bit, Frankly there is not much to it, When we think, remember, or even breathe there are electrical impulses happening in our brain and body all day and night, This is our Energy, Souls per say, All living things Share this commonality, this includes plants and other forms of vegetation, such as some plants respond to touch, while others sound, For this to occur the plant experiences something very similar to Synapses, but not the same, so NO we cannot literally Communicate with a plant in a conversational way, however we can Stimulate it Remotely.

In the case of Telepathy, we need Emotion, technically we can see it as our Emotion (“Electronic Motion”) the Carrier, and the Synapse the message. Most people experience an Emotion as a single event, happy, sad, etc. however the emotions are consistently changing and fluctuating with every single sense, thought and memory, thus it is Vibrating our EVERYTHING, Hence why people with ESP “Telepathy” where and are still technically considered a Global Security Risk, This is Technically why the INSANE asylum was created, It acted as a Centre to Detain and Study people with ESP, that Lead to the MK-ULTRA program as they learned how to manipulate our emotional state, For if we all had the awareness of the “Sixth Sens” which in FACT we all do, however also devastatingly compromised and diminished by many means but primarily " convenience " and “Symbols” other wise We would find it almost impossible to lie.

Fact is there are many “Fortune Tellers” and such that claim to have a telepathic power, but it’s not a power, it’s the FIRST language that WAS confused because we would not accept a lie, BEFORE Adam ate the apple, even BEFORE woman.

The Metaphoric understanding of the tower of babel is this story, The advent of language, tongue, Symbols and words. Frankly Witchcraft and sorcery in ancient days and still used a a form of Authority and power today. The Devils beast is “MAN” and his mark “Man’s” Mentality, sadly.

Anyway Telepathy is quite literally the Broadcast, Preconception and (“Reception”) of a thought encoded, amplified and expressed emotionally (“By Electronic Motion” or “Electrons set in motion”) or in other words by the synapses, we sense this in the frontal lobe of the brains no different then the Dolphin, Dog, Cat, Bird, and plant which are also known to be telepathic to a degree as all living things share this common trait and innate ability, however, obviously not all are as aware or capable of comprehending the “Literal” message or the connection.

A Lion will turn on his owner and trainer if the OWNER Telepathically Expresses FEAR even if he is trained well enough to not express it hormonally, even to think in Distress could be trigger enough, the predator is Triggered to attack on FEAR both telepathically, hormonally, and visually.

That brings us to Hunted places as example of Telepathy and its ability to a minimal degree. When we experience an overwhelming stress emotionally, we express it even if unwilling and unknowing, The Energy is absorbed and captured in the surrounding spaces and surfaces. This is how some whom are sensitive to these “Scorched Spaces” via telepathy (“ESP”) are often able to RECREATE the event in Great Detail. The Grater the Expression the Grater the Impression, this is why we call these spaces “Haunted” or Evil.

It’s also this Expressed energy that is RECORDED in Genetic memory, thus future offspring typically within three generations can inherit this genetic memory, while most often the offspring feel as if this memory is instinct and typically results with the development of Psychopathic tendencies such as the Pedophile among the plethora of other thing that are not always negative, including immunity to disease that can take a life time to manifest fully.

Using resonating frequency like that of meditation music and so on are ancient tools used to manipulate and stimulate the “Synapses of the Body and Brain” Vibration. This is part reason why ancient ritual grounds and temples where intended to reverberate, echo or resonate. For example, the HUM of a monk is to serve this exact purpose, to resonate the Nerve and Brain via resonating Audible frequency, that can literally lead to death or Damage if not understood correctly, Physically and Mentally.

Today we are offered all these conveniences and technologies, we have so many languages that each have their own symbol or way of encoding them to represent a word that is supposed to have some meaning. In my mind these are all just Techniques and Technology to keep from humanity an innate ability that would DEVASTATE their PROPHESY and its ARTIFICIALITY! As I mentioned above, Hard to lie if we all know the Truth. I am sure I left a whole bunch of gaps in there that may make things hard to understand, but I will also try to fill’em in time. either way, yes it’s a Reality, but Not one we need over complicate. We could simply TURN it all off, and walk away, as soon as we do that, is as soon as we will begin to REGAIN our senses.

Just a thought, I could easily go on for a long time yet, but will keep it at that.

At one time the Primary measurement of mental instability was based by the number of believers, followers and practitioners of religion globally, these where originally referred to as the Fanatic and Extremist whom where suffering fanaticism among other mental terminology, however like TRANSGENDER these Terms are altered or reclassified to better suet Society and what is some times referred to as the “HUMAN CONDITION”, thus at one time 90% of the global “CIVILIZED” populaces where Classified as Mentally Deranged, unstable or ill in one facet or another.

The Study and science of Mind was long before the manipulation of it, We acknowledged the Soul before a God, Psychology before religion.

However today they have many category of Mental Health that we can learn more about here.

Our World in Data

Around 1-in-5 people globally have a mental health disorder at any given time. What is the prevalence of mental health across the world? Is depression and anxiety on the rise? See global and country-level data on mental health disorders…

Frankly The Believer of any religion and the Mind of a soldier Must have a particular Psychopathy, thus Psychopathic tendencies that are still exploited endlessly today, and that these Type of Psychopathy is most often if not always INDOCTRINATED, Educated and Ritualized, in some cases as mentioned above inherited via the genetic memory, thus exploitation of a vulnerability and imbalance.

Of course this is only my perspective, As I mentioned I am not against God’s, Religions, or political View, but more how these are manipulated and exploited deliberately and purposefully throughout its history, and primarily the Effect it has Had on HUMANITY, not any given Color, Race or Creed. I hope not to offend as that is most definitely not the intention, however I do understand how some may take this challenging.

Short answer yes, however the effect of such thing also depend heavily on the vulnerability and resulting suggestibility of that individual.

Hypnosis could serve as example, where people who are suggestible are easily moved into the hypnotic state, however people whom have a sound mind are not as easy, in some cases not suggestible, thus efforts to induce hypnosis are frivolous.

I can easily elaborate on the topic but will leave it at that for now.

Yes to a degree… however there are of course considerations that also play heavily, but I have excluded getting in to detail for the sake of simplicity.

In fact it’s a very complex comprehension.

But exactly, Jedi has minimal power over other Jedi yet powerful over non Jedi…

@Fubar I have been updating my many posts, I will be happy to answer your question best I can when I can :slight_smile: I just wanted you to know YES I am engaged but it may be a moment before I can answer more effectively. I appreciate your curiosity.

Any way I will finish by mentioning that I am working on a project, that I hope will answer many of the questions my post may inspire or demand. I can understand how people would expect that I should provide some source of proof or evidence, however for the moment I am also only providing a perspective and understanding for consideration and contemplation, I will be including MANY references and resources intended to facilitate research, study and learning during the development of this project of which you may follow below if interested.

The Project.


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I'm having real trouble mobalizing people
Ancient Egypt, ETC
Kill Me If You Can
Socialism = Fake Christianity

@Bingozee says he is not against God but then insults God.


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I can’t answer, I am inclined to answer alone what I know and have come to understand. I try and have developed the aptitude not to speculate so vaguely but to investigate, However, many people often think this way when in a particular state or developmental stage, like puberty, young adults have these type of thoughts, typically it boils down to the minds way or working the world around it.

That is not to say Adults do not, or have not thought the same, however, once again this type thinking is rooted in one’s history, for example a childhood fantasy. Of course there are many ways of understanding these things.

I am only as old as Alex Jones, as a fact we share many similarities in life, No, I do not know him personally. Because of my history, I have experienced many things and have gained many talents and skills along the way, I have lived on the street, the church where I have slept at the foot of the cross, I have been to the opposite side of the world, and have deliberately exposed myself to many different cultural experiences and religion practices and ritual, including those not so popular or familiar. Out of all my life I have had moments that some would consider unfortunate, but that I consider a lesson, there is always lesions and acknowledgements to gain by our everyday experiences even if displeased, as such I have always appreciated my past and current life, but by living it I have aged well beyond the years I have been alive by living.

Even today when I wake, I am amazed and appreciative even if it’s raining outside or there is work to be done, I am blessed the experience of it. I have also been very physically active over the last 30 years, and according to the heart beat (“Rate over time”) I would be 180, I have obtained a recorded heart rate of 218 while off road cycling, I guess we could say at times pushing things to the limit. I have always appreciated reality even when its displeasing, today I live with broken bones that will not heal and scars to prove it.

Additionally, we can quite literally do anything imaginarily that which is not unhealthy and normal for all ages, but when we become obsessed, lost or absorbed by it the likely hood of instability is dramatically enhanced leading to many vulnerability and other disability.

I guess to sum it up, A VERY long time, ancient actually.

“My mom asked me the other day, when it’s your time and your about to die, what if one thing would you bring with you, what would be the one thing you could keep on the other side be”

My answer was ‘Memory’ so that we never forget, thus never repeat the same, however, not of only my life, but of all things blasphemous unto Humanity and the other Living thing."

Primate is incorrect, rather it is a Vessel, Temple, Church or House. There is a distinct difference from Human and Primate, However, Yes the body is very similar. I think what your describing or tying to is, Humanity vs Monkey.

In this case you are Correct, the body happens naturally no different than a monkey or other living thing, but not that witch is “HUMANITY” or “Humanness”, this is why the saying “Monkey becoming Man”, Consider it says “Man” not “HUMAN”. “MAN” is a Disassociated, HU-MAN, who’s conscious mind works within the primal frequency (“By the Ego”), thus primitive mind and consciousness, (“Realm”), thus subject and vulnerable to any thing within this range of frequency (“Dimension”).

Even so, we cannot be apart from it unless “Telepathically” that is also part “imaginatively” and has been enhanced by a number of means be it Chemically or Technically, however, even so we never actually leave our body or become a part from it, nor is this a literal possibility, if this was the case, we would die ending our journey rather instantly, we can only literally for the sake of reality perceive (“astro planning”). This is also not to say what is perceived is true or meaningful in any way, like the hallucination or illusion. This falls to primarily to the awareness and acknowledgement that are typically obtained over time, meditation in some cases, but are only contemplation, that life’s experience and the knowledge and understanding gained and obtained prove critical and necessary, to comprehend any experience rationally, logically, realistically, and for its Actuality.

“We cannot say we know a thing, if we continue only choosing to know a part of half of the whole of any given thing, otherwise we are in fact left UNKNOWING what we do not know, thus knowing nothing.”

Yes of course, as a fact we kill something every day, in fact we must KILL to eat. I am under the impression you are confusing “KILL” with “Murder”.

A summery,

It is not a SIN to kill, for we must KILL to sustain life and the living, and that only the (“soulless”) Animals and plants are killed. A Human can only be killed by the Animal, accident or mechanism, disease or illness, However, a Human can only Murder a Human, or be Murdered by a Human in ancient times before Religion, WAR or Army, “, Thou shalt not Murder” for it is a “SIN” to waste the life of a (“Soulful”) being as these are the whole consciousness of all things living, a common understanding before the “Gods” and (“Atlantis”).

Today " Thou shalt not kill", that in its self is a direct condition to the necessity of LIFE and the living for we MUST Kill. we are not Murdering plants! However, religions are a fallacy I will not get in to here, but make the point, that It has been INVERTED from the TRUTH unto a LIE for the sake of POWER and Authority by the Priest, King and their Army!

Lastly a summary of what is “Soulless” and “Soulful”. The “Soulless” are all living things that come by the seed, Ego. and that are birthed none living, while the “Soulful” are all life born living, just think how many “Murders” are committed daily according to this understanding. Satanism and blood sacrifice of the soulful thing that you and I eat, Also a Sin in ancient times… In Fact, we had a Very Specific understanding of this thing, a side not to that, is that they have covertly forced and continue to manipulate Humanity to participate in there ritual, according to these ancient understandings and realizations we are in fact Cannibal, we are in fact eating our own kin., even if unaware and unknowing, it helps keep is in that “Frequency”.

This depends on the perspective. By my understanding and in the shortest form possible. No, but it may be the only one you will ever be conscious of as you are today. however, I will be posting in detail about this very thing and question in the near future. I was just getting to that part. :slight_smile:

Exactly but again something they have perverted truth over time for “Authority”, rather than providing a Truth, they made it all religious and shit when in REALITY is has everything to do with Genetics, Water and Genetic the Memory.

I don’t :slight_smile: :+1:

Even so, what matters is what matters, it means nothing if we can’t appreciate the fact we are experiencing, that is the blessed gift of living. consider if we experienced nothing, Not much life worth living… Of course we all question or existence, this is just the path to self-discovery, sometimes we have to wonder out in to space, the Trick is to know your way home, and latter learn to keep your feet on the ground.

I have a Question of my own @Fubar
Why? Let me fist “say” the following. By reading your posts I have gained a “good” understanding that is not a negative or positive thing but that causes me to wonder why.

I enjoyed you questions; I have also gotten to know more about you. Thank you, HOWEVER none of this has anything to do with Telepathy. J

The Project.


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God Condemns Homosexual Activity in the Bible
Mamal higher primate abilities fact or fiction
I'm having real trouble mobalizing people
Socialism = Fake Christianity
'Wonderful Expressions'
Ancient Egypt, ETC

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MK ULTRA mega thread shut down
@Alex Jones & Crew

@Bingozee @Bingoze I appreciate your enthusiasm and your contributions to this post, but I would like to add a few comments. In a way, it seems you have made it very hard to read what I wrote, and have added so much of your own commentary, on very short clips like “what if” and you write a novel, from a very I am correct, not I think, or I wonder, but this is how it really is point of view. In a way, it looks like to me, you are very much trying to hide my words with some many of yours, and to school me on what is fact. Perhaps I am wrong, just telling you how it appears to me sometimes.

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I am still very interested to pursue this subject as to what we can do as humans what is and what is not possible. I was watching the video’s on quantum computing, and AI. I feel that all of these are very much related.

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Lol… then you have completely misunderstood and I am okay with that, yes READING your post is almost impossible as you haven’t been very clear and have asked questions that require simple comprehension.

Lol I also find it ridicules that you think I would give a shit to hide any thing you “say”, fact is, it has no actual relevance to me, I was simply answering vague questions, vaguely.

If your interested in pursuing the subject, prioritize what’s most relevant and critical to your understanding… but don’t complain if you’re actually going to have to read the answer to it.

I could have just answered, with a simple “silly”…
Lastly I don’t see to many offering the same, or anything at all for that matter…

I will assume you have a hard time understanding and will accept that you are not and haven’t, as such I have given “time” but realize now to not continue to waste it…

Lastly, the posts are on the wall, if you have failed or are to lazy to actually read it, there is always future opportunity.

Take care and good luck…


Nothing is possible if you don’t understand how it’s possible.


yesterday I was on a lonely country road, there was a bunch of cows gathered right at the fence very close to the road. I stopped and talked to them for a few moments. I said I know is not the master great, He literally makes you lie down in green pastures, and gives you clean water and the best grass to eat. I told them enjoy it while it lasts, cause believe it not, a day will come when the master will slaughter you, and he is gonna eat your ass. They all laughed and said smoke another one, you conspiracy theorist.


Do you really think AI will be smarter than humans? I don’t deny a calculator can be fast, and I can see it learning every job, but I never see it having a real heart and soul, and I think it’s creativity will have no morality no temperance no love.

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Humans act on yes, no, or maybe.

AI can only be 1 or 0.


Its sounds like to me, the quatum computer does that, plus the waves ahead and waves behind, up to 500 qbits already each an epoch. At the same time in how many identical mirrors. Max Plank plus Philip Anderson equals Peter Higgs.

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Quantum computing is 1, 0, or 1 and 0 at the same time.

Its still on or off.



Your still stuck on it or out of the box, I told you long ago, bad example, more than two quatum states, not just on or off, here or there. here or many there , how many? unknown? How many ripples in the pond,
I find the more interesting question is where are we? how many ahead how many behind? And deeper still, no matter where we are we effect both ways?

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