Map of sanctuary cities




makes me :face_vomiting:



If only the counties that are pro American would band together… This reminds me of how Kosovo was created - invasion followed by separation.


When I was walking where I used to live at night in Denver. I looked across the blvd and there was a bus dropping off what it looked like illegals in a plaza. Then when I walked in that.plaza during the day they have a Mexican store but know sign on the outside I saw Mexicans going in there. So I walked in to see and the cashier just stared at me weird like I’m not supposed to be in there. It was a small Mexican grocery store. There a lot of Mex restaurants and a Mex grocery store but they don’t look at you weird but this one did. I took a pic of the outside.
The illegals have been going to sanctuary cities for a long time in Santa and Anaheim, CA.


Anaheim, CA is not on the list but I believe Anaheim is a sanctuary city as well.



Slc, Utah…

Well, let’s see how pc and tolerance rewards the mormons


If this makes you want to puke then check out the locations of Terrorist Training Camps inside the United States.
I had the link but now I cannot locate it. It was probably banned by Big Tech.
If anyone can find it it would be MamaPotato though!!



This isn’t the one I saw but it’s basically the same thing. Good job NPC!!! :+1:


It would also match up pretty close with the damn sanctuary cities. In Texas where I live DFW as well as Houston, San Antonio and Austin are indeed sanctuary cities. They just keep a low profile because they don’t want Governor Abbott to cut off their State Funding.
We all here in Texas know this for a fact.


Same thing here in some cities in Arizona


Very good find :ok_hand: Thanks!


Mosques are training camps… if your looking for live fire training, look at rural areas around those focal points.


Thank God for SC !!! No sanctuary cities here!!:+1::grin::heart: