March for life rally

#1 Here’s a list of all the pro life rally’s in each state going on this month. Hoping to make the one in Austin on the 26th @DistractedMasses @loca.0.motives @Johnboy @Texas_T @PASTORSAM @artsyneva @AmericanPatriot1776 @OwenShroyer @zimmermann


I’ve never been to one but I’m down as always.

Don’t make me no never mind.


I saw something about one in Jacksonville on the 22nd, was thinking about going.


Thank you for posting this link. We all need to get out there and get motivated, take video, and talk to people. C’mon everybody, you can do it!


ill be there 20 characters


I’ll ride with if your down. Can help pay for gas to.


My truck is always down for infowarior transport


I couldn’t make it on the 22nd.