Mike Adams Emergency Broadcast, he is asking PR Trump to declare emergency and a New American Revolution


The New American Revolution-We Are Not Alone…

Mike Adams is asking PR Trump to declare National Emergency and declare a New American Revolution.

  1. I just received a Questionnaire sent to me and it said:
    Do You Think The President Should Declare A National Emergency?
  2. My Answer Was YES.
  3. These people we are a war with are: Paid Mercenaries, Paid with the missing 30 Trillion the Fed has stolen, I want you to realize This and the following which is causing us to slow down:
  4. Stop Projecting Your Own good conscience and values on these people, they are trained by mk-ultra to maim, kill, and Take away our Guns because they want us Dead.
  5. Leftist Globalists, may be only protesting outwardly, but these people are programming the foot soldiers in private. Be Sure that the Mainstream media will try to intimidate you.
  6. Be ready for a coordinated effort that cuts communications and features rioting,
    it may be theatrical in nature.
  7. If you can, I would conceal carry, but one recommendation is to make sure you have to act in self defense.
    7.1 Note: It is very difficult for me to log in recently, I must be very dangerous and worthy of an internet attack.
  8. In another post, I declared that an Infowarrior has the Duty and Obligation according to the Constitution, which I hope you have a copy, TO:
    8.1 Report, concealing your identity on a Public Forum or to a Verified Trusted Source, or to This Site, the activities of the Leftist Globalist Agenda, some examples are:
    8.2 When leftist protesters assemble anywhere
    8.3 When leftists plan events and there is transportation present
    8.4 When leftists are traveling and have firearms present
    8.5 When or Before Leftists plan to destroy property
    8.6 Wherever the main stream media is or is traveling to if you know the reason
    8.7 If you suspect leftists are funded and are carrying out a live operation

Look at this group, they are the revolutionary soldiers.


Yes it is needed in some way


Video taken down,posted it yesterday on gab…


Mike Adams was presenting to Trump in that powerful video that has been removed, to make a national emergency and for Trump to give the word for (Paraphrasing) people to rise up and go to the press offices, gov, etc (I am paraphrasing) and arrest the deep state traders at the top, the press that is the enemy of the people
Probably around 20,O00
He wants it peaceful and wants a go ahead from Trump first.
I believe Trump will give the go ahead.
Trump has said before that the American people would revolt if they impeached him.




I see the video on here shuts off every couple of minutes.


A Call To Action…


Were can I see this mike adams thing without going through gay youtube


like whats the name of mike adams other
youtubesk site




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I have Natural News but couldn’t find the video on there. They are trying to take his videos down. But I had to scroll way down to find this on Brighteon.com


Here is another link for Mike Adams.


Emergency broadcast from Mike Adams.



New link to working video. Good catch.


Thank you Mike Adams…