Millennials & War


I will leave it as vague as the title as I invite opinions and thoughts generally, What is going to be the major weakness and strength of the Millennial in light of things to come, If possible a generation later, what do you see?

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Is there a way to stop expansionist islam?

I’m technically a millennial, but in no way shape or form like 90% of my generation. This generation is lost but what people need to see is why are we lost!

Who raised us?

We didn’t raise our selves or did we? Maybe it was the combination of tv, video games, daycares, and the school system that failed most of us.

For the people that i get along with in my generation had similar up bringing as me.

We need to look at the cause of this and correct it before we ourselves make the same mistake with our children. The outcome of that truly will destroy this country.


Based on my experience with Generation ME…
Wright them off.
Gen Z is our only hope.
There are too few of Gen-ME who are not damaged by being a latch key kid, and damaged by the education system.


Your a very kind person to judge someone who you never met. I also would like to add how is judging Somebody by their generation any different than judging Somebody by their skin color??:


Good point Sue!! That’s not being judgemental at all that’s just the plain truth. My father used to say> Well, There’s no parenting going on in that house! And that wasn’t a judgement it was just the plain truth.


If we want to talk about plain truth, how did this country get the welfare entitlement programs that we have now?

How did the government get control over the school systems?

How did Social Security become a program?

These are all things that were put into place far before my generation was even around let alone old enough to vote.

So far I’ve only been able to vote in 7 elections and I’m old for a millennial I just barely fit into the group.

You’re blaming the fate of this country on a group of people that has had a lot less influence in policy in this country due to lack of Elections in which they were able to vote!

Hard pass on that, how about we quit pointing fingers and start correctly the damn problem.


I’m not blaming you or anyone of your generation got that? How do you suggest we correct the damn problem??


Its not gunna be easy, not exactly sure how to reverse years of brainwashing. I’m trying to wake up as many people as I can in my generation. The first thing I do is show them where the media has said a certain thing then give them facts and data proving them wrong.

But there are many people even once they know the media is lying to them can’t resist the urge to watch it, my father is one of them.
He was a Bill Clinton supporter and loved the Democrats but in 2016 I opened his eyes and he voted for Donald Trump.

One person at a time, it’s our duty as freedom loving americans to wake up our neighbors that makes a true patroit.


@millennialocracy We were definable indoctrinated and sold a pile of shit. Think about it we were raised by parents of the hippie generation, I can recall how much my parents liked Clinton and Bush (Until the Monica Louinski dilemma). I can remember reading Teachers not liking books I did reports on (Beowulf, and other stories of masculine figures), all the way up to High School when I showed up late to classes due to being with Navy, Army, Marine, Air Force Recruiters. The teachers would tell me that is an UNACCEPTABLE EXCUSE; to which my reply was “Guess you are saying its UNACCEPTABLE to serve your country”.

Hell it was in our TV Shows (Captain Planet, and so on).


I remember watching Captain Planet I also remember liking it as a kid. Now they can take that propaganda and shove it right up their asses.


@Sue I think for the Millennial Generation the majority is a loss cause. HOWEVER Its going to take the Millennials such as @millennialocracy myself and others with similar ideology must help spread truth to the Gen Z.

We need to not focus on our generation we must develop Gen Z and help in an y way possible. Thats what we should be doing. I woke up my sister in law (15yo). Im burring Alex Jones DVDs and other documentaries. She is doing studies on WWII leading into the 60’s and I opened here eyes to the CFR, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberg; in addition to Operation Paperclip (leading into the 60’s) and Northwoods. I am easing her into the InfoWars.


My parents raised me and my brother and my two sisters.

But my sisters made different choices.

Not everything is because of the parents.


I agree that future generations will be making big choices.

It will be up to them.

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I’ve had a very similar experience to what @millennialocracy is talking about here. I’m at the very oldest point that is still considered a millennial.

I do get tired of the whole “millennials are the problem” crap. We’ve barely been around long enough to cause any problems. Its just as they said… there was a LOT set up long before we ever showed up in our father’s nutsacks.

The problem with putting all millennials into the same group, is that there is a wide diversity within the generation. The older half of us grew up the same way our parents did, while the younger half grew up almost completely within the tech monstrosity.

Therefore I’d say, there’s a decent chunk of us who do fine and will do fine in a war. While there are many others of us who will be completely inept and will need to just stay out of the way.

I also experienced what Joey just said. My sister is only about 1.5 years younger than me, but she accepted all of the indoctrination and grew up entirely on TV, while I was outside. She’s a far leftist, and doesn’t even realize it.


My parents were born prior to WWII and grew up during the depression. My dad and all my uncles were in WWII. They were all died in the wool hardcore Democrats. What they didn’t realize is that the Democratic Party went through a fundamental shift. Rush Limbaugh has spoken on this topic several times and his point was that it happened so slowly that they never caught on.


As a child, I thought as a child. I spoke as a child.

When I became a man, I put away childish things.

Now, I enjoy Mark Dice Captain Planet Voice-Overs.

Watching Captain Planet

I remember watching Captain Planet in the 1990’s. At the time, I thought of it as mostly a super hero cartoon and not as an activist show that was supposed to tell me what to do.


I guess the show taught us to recycle and stuff. Throw away your trash. Nice common sense things. So, I already knew those things and I thought that was nice. I didn’t know a lot back then and I didn’t really think a lot about all of it. I was probably unaware of all of the propaganda from Captain Planet. Reminds me of Smokey the Bear, only you can prevent forest fire.

Common Sense

Some kids might be like me. Some kids may like shows like Captain Planet and may get some good things out of it. Sadly, those shows might do more harm than good for some of the kids. So, I might be ok with it. I grew up and began learning about how the earth goes through 500-year weather cycles and that there is geoengineering (man-made climate change), and many different things that we fight. So, as we get older, we learn more and mature. But some people may not grow up as quickly or ever at all.

I guess it depends on the kid.

The good news is that kids have more choices now.

Before, less choices.

Some people may have had just one choice, that is to watch Captain Planet, for example.

Now, some kids may have more choices.

They can pick different things to watch on YouTube and other websites, and that can be a good thing.

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I’m sorry to inform you but the Democrat Party Never did a shift. They have always been and always will be the race-baiting, fear-mongering power hungry, control freaks as they are today and were under the Roosevelt administration and the LBJ Administration.

Read Mark Levin’s book unfreedom of the press. Lays out alot of the historical malfeasance of the Democrat Party.


@OleParatrooper Was that change during the Nixon Era?


The Root

@millennialocracy, yes, the democratic party has always been Far Left, fundamentally speaking, at the root, that is at the core, at the source, since at least the 1800’s in some ways.

Gradual Roll-Out

However, on the outside, at least at times, some people were unaware of the infiltrators of the democratic party that were turning the party into the Far Left, into what we are seeing in the 2010’s. Like cancer, leftism spread through the democratic party. In some ways, at times, the infiltration has been gradual. Technically, you might be right that there was no shift, because the globalists have been race-baiting like you said. They have their play books. They’ve been doing what they’ve been doing for many decades, if not longer. But at the same time, like boiling frogs in hot water, some people are beginning to recognize that now. Also, like Alex Jones says all the time, globalists have been accelerating their long-game into a short-game in the 2010’s, to some extent. Some globalists are still trying to play the long game while others are focused more on accelerating world domination and genocide of over 90% of the world population and everything else that they’re working on. Some of the globalists recognize how patriots continue to rise each day and in how they are running out of time and they’re trying to speed up the process of taking over the world.

One More Century

Some of the globalists may be over-confident and may continue to play the long game in trying to continue taking over the world for the next century which is what they need.

They need another century.

To really conquer the planet.

Some globalists know that.

Other globalists want to conquer earth right now.


I mean, yesterday.

So, there is a split in the globalist factions.

Different groups are trying to take over the world, differently.

Not On The Same Page

They’re not all on the same page.

Some of them will continue hiding from us.

Others will continue to laugh at us.

So, we are stopping some of the globalists.

Future generations will continue to fight.

And it will be up to them.

Long Game vs Short Game

As some of the globalists are still playing a long game.

Not all of the globalists are playing a short-game.

That’s the scary part.

That’s why we have to play a long-game too.

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Its a circumstantial, but yes @joeyarnoldvn that is how Millennials on this platform and that share our views/values woke up. Its now time to inspire lead and develop.

If you have children dig up your family history, tell them stories that instill values, pride, and tell the real history.

I tell my son the journey we (Family Last Name History)came from fighting the Roman Empire with Galic in France, to taking the month long journey to Canada in the lat 1600’s and building/developing towns, then journeying to Pennsylvania and help William Penn build relationships with the Indian Tribes and develop the State of Pennsylvania, then late found the Gotham National Bank in 1903.

Knowing and telling our children our REAL History will help them understand that the narritive of all white people are racist ins inaccurate.