Millie, impeaching Trump doesn't mean Pence automatically becomes president


Impeachment is separate from a trial -and conviction- after impeachment needed to remove a president from office. To date a president has never been removed from office after impeachment. A protester asked her what “impeachment” means and she incorrectly stated “removal from office”. I admire her enthusiasm, but the whole premise of this video is incorrect.

Did she forget Clinton was impeached but remained in office? I don’t expect pride marchers to know what impeachment means, but if one had, she would have been roundly embarrassed.


My guess is the reason he stuck around was because the Senate turned around and acquitted him after the House impeached.

Kind of a nuanced subject, yeah.

I would assume though, had that not happened, he would have been removed from office.

I’d also assume that if Trump were impeached by the House, and the Senate found him guilty of what he was impeached over, he would be removed.

Honestly I don’t know for sure though. There’s a reason I used “assume” a few times there haha.

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@Mr.Anderson, no, that was Rainbow Snatch, not Millie Weaver. Two different people lol. So, does it matter if Snatch got things wrong? Snatch is a leftist. Of course, a leftist like Snatch is going to be inaccurate about things lol. But Snatch is not Millie any more than Alex Jones is a Gay Frog Monster or any more than Robin Williams is Peter Pan.


Sure oatmeal, whatever you say. Do you have any other videos of her as RS making errors like that? If you can find one, I might believe she did it purposely. If not, I doubt it.


Rainbow Snatch as correctly stated by @joeyarnoldvn certainly dodged the bullets on Street Reporter video.

Exposure of groupie mentality was reasonable benefits of her efforts.

Those undercover reports are valuable close encounter of opposing party’s membership. Plus is actually her efforts pointing out impeachment doesn’t resolve Democrats dilemma. Regardless of her poor delivery on critical facts.

Thank you excellent,


I wouldn’t dwell on it to much. Everyone fucks up sometimes when your out there in the field. Theirs so much going on and so many crazy ass liberals, she and others probably are worrying more about their safety than anything.


Not dwelling on it, thanks. Everyone makes mistakes. Hopefully she’ll read this and be better prepared next time she goes out to ask about impeachment.


Being prepared doesn’t really mean anything when your in the jungle surrounded by rabid animals.


The people she’s talking to aren’t living in the real world, if she brought the truth of Millie, that would blow the cover. She has to LARP.
She didn’t make a mistake I don’t think.


They’re pretty ridiculous, aren’t they? I mean, what would possess an overweight, balding man to throw on a pair of assless chaps and think, “Damn, I look good”. smh


Lol! Completely ridiculous and totally deranged.

I’ve been saying it for a while and each day it seems more true.

The social engineers are trying to turn America into an open air mental asylum. I think they’ve succeeded.


To the idiot SJW’s in that video…


Here she is as herself, saying the same thing. FF to 4:55

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And in that video, she’s not LARPing, and not as much danger
Mystery solved.


Did you FF to 4:55? She said the same thing as herself. Right, mystery solved.


Don’t need to get so animated. I hold nothing against her protecting herself.
That’d be a much bigger priority in my eyes :slight_smile:


@Mr.Anderson, what is impeachment? What would you say to leftists? Why not just say one word? If you didn’t say removal, then what word would you use that a leftist would understand? If Snatch didn’t say removal, then the guy might have said that Snatch was really a Trump supporter or something. Snatch had to stay in character and say something that leftists say because Snatch is a character that is build on the lies of CNN. So, leftists, like SNATCH (NOT MILLIE), think that impeachment is what removes a U.S. President. They think that just like they think islands float and that the world is going to end in 12 years in 2031. They are wrong, probably, but that is what they think. So, Snatch could have said that impeachment is like indicting. But leftist think that means removal as well. We can go through different words with leftists just like we can throw the Mueller Report at leftists, a report that says Trump is not not innocent or whatever. That report was a waste of money and it goes against the constitution, the rule of law as it tries to make people think that Trump could be guilty until proven innocent. This opens up another can of worms. But long story short as we already know, leftists say that the report is talking about how Trump needs to be removed or whatever for breaking laws and many things or so they say. So, we can argue all day about what Snatch should have said, but Snatch is an imaginary character built on the ideology of no original oatmeal and a bunch of leftist talking-points. Rainbow Snatch is not a real person, like fake news, Snatch is a fake person, a character, that says fake things because fake people say fake things and Millie Weaver is real and Snatch is not real and Snatch is a stereotype that is more like a walking talking illustration / parable / analogy / allegory that is there to highlight how leftist sees things as Snatch is a skit and not a real person and SNATCH IS NOT MILLIE and the point of the video is to say things that are not true, except for the hypothetical in that Pence would be President if Trump was not. Snatch was speaking of a hypothetical situation. Alex Jones talked about how they are trying to kill Trump but that they would rather not turn Trump into a martyr like that and instead knock Trump into a coma and find a way to get rid of Pence and then hand off the Presidency to Pelosi who would then pass it off to Hillary Clinton. There are many different globalist factions, groups, that fight for world-control and they pretend to work together and they stab each other in the back. So, these different globalist groups have different ideas about how to stop Trump and kill Trump and to kill patriotism and Alex Jones and many things. But there are many conflicts in that as one group tries different things and other groups try other things to take over the world. So, they sometimes work together and they often are divided as globalists in how they want to take down Trump and others. They are divided as they try to divide and conquer us, they are often dividing and conquering each other, as globalist groups eat up each other in a dog eat dog world. Long story short, Snatch is a live-action meme that is there to show us what leftists think as opposed to only talking about what is true and accurate, completely.


Holy shit oatmeal, no one is reading that block of gibberish.

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Has nothing to do with protecting herself. In both videos, both as RS and herself, she claimed impeaching Trump means you get Pence. Not so difficult to understand.


It has everything to do with protecting herself. PLease tell me a higher priority when these leftist have attacked her numerous times already. She talking down to a lower level.
Not so difficult to understand.

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