Missouri Patriots Sound Off!


Room for Missouri Patriots, and InfoWarriors to coordinate, and get to know each other!


Springfield area reporting in!


Jefferson City Mo. good to go


In the belly of the beast huh?! Great to have you!


Mid-Missouri (Columbia) 1776!


Joplin, MO… Missouri Patriots Sound Off!


Is anyone here from the Aaron Russo AFTF; Lost Horizons or, We the People?
I remember back around 2007 speaking with some who were interested in ‘organizing’ - who had lived in the communities mentioned here.
We need to ORGANIZE so as to get others educated and ACTIVE in saving our country.
I have ideas but we need PEOPLE who are willing and able to support these activities through ACTION, FINANCES ETC…
Let me know your thoughts and ableness to do such.


Columbia Missouri here


Please help me take a stand https://m.facebook.com/StopThePoliitcalAgendaAgainstOurKids/?refid=52&tn=C-R


Anyone in the Columbia, Missouri area, I will be outside Smithton Middle School tomorrow at 6-8 a.m., then the district office, to stand against the sexual programming of our kids and for parental rights in regards to our kids’ education. I invite anyone who wishes to come stand with me.


I’m in the central eastern side of the state north east of Rolla out on the northern part of the Ozark plateau. I am looking to build a veteran/patriot retreat/refuge. completely off the grid.


That’s really cool. What do you have in mind?

  1. The idea is to give Veterans a place to restart their lives no matter what stage they are in for those that are in need that way.
  2. to create a community where we can teach old and learn new skills as far as building the community, whether it be agriculture, construction or a craft like wood working, etc.
  3. provide an environment for those that just have a need for association with others with similar experiences and backgrounds.

I have a large plot of land and I am currently building a wood mill to make timber and lumber from the trees in order to build cabins, workshops, green houses and animal cages and barns. I also am building a shooting range and looking to put in a few ponds and a lake. Building alternative energy and fuel resources.

The whole thing is that its all out effort to build the community together, a place to belong with people that accept and respect you for who you are and what you are going through.

Me and my brother have done a lot of work on the property already and it never stops, there is always something else that needs to be done. Once I get the Mill workshop built and running it will be a lot easier to build the next set of buildings.

I need help building this paradise and I cant think of more honorable group of guys than my fellow veterans to be the benefactors of this effort. If I can make life better for them while we build this community together, nothing would make me happier. I believe this to be a part of my life’s mission and I give all the glory to God for the opportunity to do it.


BTW, I’m calling it The “Emerald City” Initiative


thats a great idea , im in jefferson city and wanted to do the same but i lack the resources cause im poor. id like to help in my limited way, MERICA!


All help is welcome and appreciated here. In fact, I need the hands to help build and clear trees, cutting tops into firewood to clear the land more than anything else at this point. We just have to wait for decent weather (45 and sunny is my minimum good weather day). I don’t function well in freezing cold. But, come spring we will be working every day that is not raining.

private message me with your contact info and I will put you on the contact list for our next work day.


It was suggested that I set up a GoFundMe page for the Initiative, so I did and here is the link;

Please put this link out to everyone you know! If you cant contribute time or money, it will make all the difference if you will help us get this link out to everyone you know and ask them to pass it forward.
Thank you all


Okay - no takers HMMM???


Id like everyone to check out missourimilitia.com
Please consider joining this excellent, patriotic group!


I dont recall any of those groups.