Mom Who Let 11-Year-Old Son Dance in Drag for Cash Cleared by CPS


The mother of a young boy who famously danced on stage for cash at a Brooklyn bar last year has been cleared by New York Child Protective services and took to social media to vent her frustrations that so many people are so strongly opposed to her particular parenting methods.


But a Maga hat is probably a no no for CPS.
They don’t want good people to have kids.


I presume CPS frowns on Home Schooling, but that kid’s activity via parental consent is A-OK. They’re focused on No Meat Mondays right now anyway.


This just proves the complete “infiltration” of how mental illness has seeped in every level of our society. Now, not everywhere has been infiltrated… be vigilant and do not yield. Be mindful of whom you give authority to.





I have been dealing with Cas here. My son is 10 years old his name is Trent and my daughter is 4 years her name is Brittany I miss them a lot, I have visits and trying to get them back full time.I think Desmond Is Amazing is a sweet kid I am worried about him and the characters he’s around :pensive: I never was homeschooled but growing up a lot of my friends were homeschooled and my one friend Allie who was homeschooled, homeschools here 3 children


We live in the Twilight Zone, Episode 1984.