Mormon cup challenge


Guess what I did today?



Next time I’ll do it with more cups I ran out and it was freezing


Hey @NormaJeanne89

Check it out


This idea is brilliant👍


Lol that’s awesome! Definitely need more cups but can still read what it says. @Johnboy says it’s awesome too, lol.


That is awesome Griff


I ran out…


Prefer the stickers in my next order.

1,500 stickers need 3,500 more for my plan :smiling_imp:
Can’t do it without


I’m glad our President pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord or you would be really F***kd

Great job :metal:


I’d do it anyway. Fuck that


Have a Great Day.
I replied to you on the chadford show last night… I was an hour late🗑


Now you just need to get out of UTAH and work on Chicago, New York and DC.

I would say LA, but that is just to UGLY.


Want to do a Mormon cup challenge tour?


email me direct if you want, my email is on the homepage at the top hover over We believe.