Mueller Report to be released by Justice Department on Thursday



On the edge of my seat - NOT!


la times is always fake news.

this is all just a distraction keeping US from MAGA.


It’s all over I chose that one at random… Look for yourself


It is not over until the average US citizen is no longer harassed and abused by our tax payer funded services.

Almost every woman I know that has given birth to children with in 60 miles of me that I have met is concerned about their kids being stolen or concerned with the treatment of their kids after they have been legally removed from their lives.

Most dads I know have not known if their kids are alive for years.


I heard about it through NewsMax, from the AP.


AP is always very fake syndicated news to hard copy.

Exactly my point. Well done @Billsey.


I guess we will see on Thursday won’t we lol


It does not matter what is in the report. Some in the justice department will just try to twist it and use it against us. We already don’t care about anything Russia. This is a waste of our money as a distraction from real problems harming US citizens to their demise.