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Just change the name to CNN
Senators DO YOUR JOB


He keeps saying male potency pills. Same as young turds, and many other liberal alternative media. Apparently they don’t want to take into consideration the number of radio stations that he is aired on, and cable stations as well. All of which run ads on their platforms. On top of that sells more than so called male potency pills. Expect more alternative media to question Info Wars, and lob more MSM talking points. This is all coming to a head.


This is why marijuana needs to be legalized at the federal level for both recreational and medicinal purposes. These drug cartels are using this highly toxic fertilizer that causes cancer.




Oh, that’s really funny…


I like the guitar in that first song.




Finally found the videos from the Occupy Columbia protests… These were my days on the street… wow the memories :relieved: the occupation was big, Nationwide Occupy wallstreet… solidarity is what this nation needs again… And it got mega attention :thinking::+1:

Laura Loomer Protest at Twitter, February 20th, 2019

Wow, I remember the one in Portland OR. It was all over the news.


That was when I got involved in activism. We marched on city hall, got in trouble with Haley (who was our Governor at the time) and won a few victories… The reason why the movement broke up is because people couldn’t stay solid and they had infiltrators in the movement… The Occupy movement was our yellow vest movement but the government shut it down :expressionless:




@TheIsz have u heard of this man??





“To help you give your little ones some positive reinforcement when they ask nicely, later this year we’ll introduce Pretty Please, so that the Assistant can understand and encourage polite conversation.” citation pls