My Experience at the Social Media Summit


RackAttack goes to Washington:


Look dude I know there’s a lot of good food at the Whites house and all, but you need to pack the same colored ties next time. That or don’t get food on your tie?


Really enjoyed learning about your close ties with President Trump.
The first video of yours I saw was on the old InfoComms if I recall correctly. Which I don’t remember commenting on that one.
That video reappeared in a topic in this Reestablished InfoComms platform.
Your nicely delivered message are refined, cohesive and comprehensive. Thank you for sharing this lighter side version of your talents.

“Not Always Agreeable Supporter”


Social Media Summit
WHITE HOUSE FIGHT: Chaos ERUPTS Between Media Members After President Trump Remarks
FOX 10 Phoenix
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Published on Jul 11, 2019

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