My first Efforts at Open Broadcaster Software


I have finally gotten some time to sit down and figure out OBS Studio on my laptop, and I gotta say: I LIKE the promise of it!!!

With a little effort i have been able to connect multiple after-market webcams (giving me three cameras, with the built-in webcam), and was able to feed a video file into the mix as well.

There’s a bit of a learning curve, but i LIKE this software!


I have no idea what I am doing in the OSB. It is easy to use probably but not for a lame-duck techy like me who can’t CODE or MEME. :] I attempted to follow John Bowne? or Greg Reece’s? instructional video but the VGLI input or what ever wasn’t available option for me. ??
What is the benefit of doing this if we don’t have platforms to put it on like Twitter? Should I embed it into my personal website and make a new page titled ALEX JONES? I am willing to do that but it might seem disconnected for some genuine women looking to recover from feminism - it might be overwhelming to them initially so I am not sure about connecting the two. I can put it on another website that is unrelated if you think it is worthwhile. Bill I like your tie. Got a pocket protector in there?


It’s VLC Video Source, and it’s near the bottom of the pop-up menu.

Don’t give up. Like I said, there’s a learning curve to it, but once you climb that grade, you’re going to be producing your own stuff! So keep at it!


Hello Friend,
What do you think about LightWorks?


Still don’t see it on my list is it TEXT GDI+ ?


I’m having issues working with it…been wanting to stream the infowars shows on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter…I’ve been having trouble figuring it out!

Any advice would be welcomed…I’ve tried various things and not been successful as of yet!

I’ve been working with the software that Owen talked about with the instructions on:, and I’m finding it to be a learning curve.

IF you have found any easy to follow instructions on this I would love to obtain it.


I’m actually enjoying the podcasting. I’m running x split, just using one webcam, chroma key, using discord as an interface to do one on one conversations so it’s not a mindless video. Only real issues I’m running into is finding a streaming platform. You can find videos like this at since youtube mutes all my videos now since we talk about forbidden information.

Youtube :point_down:

Brighteon :point_down:


Very good Podcast! You guys both did an amazing job.


First I’ve heard of it.


When you open the program, in the bottom, left of center, is a pane titled, “Sources”.

Click the plus sign in the bottom of that pane, and a menu pops up. Right below the Text option should be VLC Video Source. When you choose that it will ask for a URL, which you should have gotten from the streamit page on the Infowars site. Paste that in, and you should be good to go.


Very good stuff here! thanks for sharing.

I have the software but haven’t been able to get it to work on my old desktop, keeps giving me graphics hardware error messages. I may end up using it on my laptop but haven’t set it up. I have a audio engineering education but the video is new to me so it’ll take time to learn.

But this is all super important. A few thousand more alex jones in the world dropping truth bombs will devastate the globalist.

It may also go hand in hand with a split on the internet that is starting to manifest. I see it currently as a four way split with the U.S, China, The EU, and Freedom fighters controlling the four sections. Google and other big tech companies have the sections in fighting against each other for control while they work behind the scenes to make a monopoly of the internet by taking over all three of the China, U.S. and EU by deception. The Freedom lovers study history and have seen whats coming and are fighting against it with sites like infowars, natural news,, drudge and gab. The more sites like this and the more content we can add to these types of sites, the better. It’s literally the last gasp of the internet before it morphs into something dangerously resembling the beast system from revelations. Can we take it for ourselves and use it for good before it’s too late? I think it’s worth trying.


I have spent the last 5 months learning OBS Studio to broadcast The Alex Jones Show into enemy territory (Facebook and Twitter).

To get VLC Media Source, install the matching VLC Media Player version (64 or 32 bit). If the architecture doesn’t match you will not see the VLC Media Source option. Alternatively you can use “Media Source”, but it gets laggy and lacks any buffer

I currently use to multicast. It provides a simple way to manage title changes before the shows go live.

I am keeping all of my work related to Infowars at if you would like to check it out. Project is called StreamTool. You can also find the infamous Roku App code there too!

Feel free to message me with any OBS questions that you have.


Appreciate your response Billsey.

Unfortunately, the software I have does not have VLC Video Source as an option. I am able to get it to work under the Browser option but I can’t get the cookie alert off the screen.

I am not sure I am cut out for this. After all, I don’t CODE. :] Will play around with it for a while longer just for fun but if it robs too much of my time, I may just turn in the towel on this one.

Would be neat to see a dedicated person at InfoWars to help the “little” people like me with these kinds of things. I want to help fight the censorship but my skills are limited in the digital world. I guess I have spent waaaaaaayyyyy too much time in the REAL WORLD!


Do you have VLC installed? If not, then install it. It’s a good program with, apparently, more capabilities than I realized! :wink:


Make sure you download each as matching architecture (64 bit or 32 bit) versions

OBS Studio downloads as 64 bit by default, and VLC is 32 bit by default. When on VLC website click the down arrow on the Download button.

Media Source works too, but is not reliable enough for a full show


@kragok, when you talk about taking over the Internet, which parts are you referring to? Are you talking about Internet Service Providers (ISP), the Domain Name System (DNS), the router devices, certain website servers, all of our computers, other routing systems, or the bigger websites, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, YouTube, Tumblr, certain phone apps, certain spying systems that captures stuff that is running around the world wide web, certain alleged kill switches, dams, etc, or are you talking about all of these and more or what?



Its more all of that together than any specific part.

Decentralizization is key, they will continue to censor. Harrison Smith had a good piece on patreon earlier this week for example. That sort of thing will continue and accelerate.


Are they going into my computer to do that?


depends on wether its online and how.


@kragok, do they have programs, Trojan horse computer viruses, other things, designed for Linux operating systems?