My neighbor vandalized my Trump & Infowars banners AND left a note


This is what I woke up to this morning on April 10th.

My next door neighbor trashed my “Trump 2020” sign as well as the #freealexjones sign. Then the smart leftist left a note admitting to doing it.
I absolutely will be filing a police report today, let’s hope he gets arrested or at the very least a fine.

Please let me know what everyone thinks.



I love it; you guys did well in Houston.


Normally I keep my signs stored inside but we just finished that Houston bridge sign event on Monday & left them out back under my covered parking for a few days. Guess that’s all it took to trigger the neighbor.

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Have the neighbor Arrested, keep us Posted.


I was thinking new signs should cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000!


I love it…!!! Plus tax…


Claim emotional damages along with destruction of property!!! :rofl::joy:


Write Christian somewhere on one of the signs…then claim Religious Persecution.


It would be funny to show your neighbor the video you made with the signs he vandalized. Then, video his reaction when you show him your video got 12,000 views…and the comments are priceless!!!


Lol now that’s the golden idea right there! :rofl:


Sorry to see that Johnboy, what makes it bad is it was a neighbor. But you know your doing something right when the devils attacking you.


That only works for non-Christian religions. Now if they wrote Muslim…


I wonder if we should have a website featuring all of the attacks that happen against Conservatives–not because we value victimhood, but because victimhood is a “language” the Left understands, a “currency” they recognize. “You want to talk about being victimized? Alright, we can do that!” Maybe that will open their eyes to the fact that they have become what they hate–perpetrators.


There already is one, at least for videos. Breitbart has their list.

And also, they don’t care. If anything, they use it as fuel.


Great news. I wonder if it can be repurposed, then (into the Leftist currency–for use with Leftists).


It doesn’t work. Leftists only care about poutrage if it’s their narrative. If it’s someone else’s, they continue on the attack. Remember what Eric Holder said… “When they go low, we kick 'em.”


It may not yield that much fruit, but there may be some reasonable people left on the Left–people are still defecting!


Indeed; and don’t forget to send him a copy of the footage before he is served, that way when you go to court you can say the discovery requirement has been met. :wink:


Am I allowed to go to the apartments next door, break their signs, and leave a note like this? I would get a call and more likely a visit from the local cops for sure. I would have the cops come out and just take a report. Then they do what ever they see fit anyhow.

If this person does more harmful things it might need to be tracked.

Cops harass the rest of us all the time for no reason so they should at least be used when there is a real reason and a few real crimes in this one. Of course the problem again is that if the cop is corrupt and wants to also harm those that support INFOWARS and our constitutional rights, you just asked them over to prove it to them. Since the signs represent a local business that is taxed to pay the cop’s salary, they should* assist you with a report.

Your video was on the cover of! I am surprised goblins are not crawling on top of your house by the 100s.

RIGHT NOW your video is live on Alex’s main broadcast! Epic man.