My neighbor vandalized my Trump & Infowars banners AND left a note


File a police report.


File the police report, it will come in handy later when you’re filing a suit


Just don’t waste your time with filing court and police stuff. It most likely will never pay off and most likely you will never get justice.

Be sure to celebrate your victory and spend your time living life. You helped many people end real racism with this and you brought many people together.


So the update is the officer is here outside in is car and we’re waiting for the vandal to come face the music. The cop said he’s going to tell him he needs to pay for my signs, as well as give him a little scare in his face.

Its still playing out. :crossed_fingers:


Justice is served!


Where did the $ come from? The cop taking the report?

Maybe you are just showing that now you get to go spend the bills and live in the way you see fit.


The guy came home to talk to the cop, instead of the cop going to his work, and the cop got him to pay for the damages right there.


Your neighbor doesn’t know how lucky he is you didn’t take a video of him getting busted…especially since the view count on the triggered leftist video just passed 20,000 views!!!


Yeah well he did just give me the $150 cash when the cop asked him to. I told the cop I was happy with the $150 and we can settle it at that.

He looked pretty scared he handed me the money. The cop was really cool about helping me fix this problem. No need for excess embarrassment. Plus I’m happy


That is a good idea.


Yessss! Way to go. :joy::+1:


Glad you got some justice :wink:


Very cool love this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m in northern Indiana, let me know when you do banners in Chicago.

How about a Go Fund me for bill boards for Chicago for Infowars we could put

Candice Owens on it.


I would have done the same…Not a vengeful person either! I believe if I show mercy…mercy will be shown to me when I need it!


Fuck Eric Holder!! If a commie kicks me, they’re getting shot… or at least tazed!


Back in 2016 I took a 4x8 sheet of plywood and painted HILLARY FOR PRISON on both sides, mounted it on my trailer and drive around all over the Reading/Philly area with it… after Trump won the election, I gave it to my buddy so he could build a wall in his garage to keep his neighbors out of his stuff… and of course they vandalized it! These zombies are all the same!!


I put some sings up after hearing my neighbor kill his dog. My signs got the cops at my house 3 our of 5 times. They said nothing wrong with them. I named the person, address and what they did to their dog.

Put cameras up. My best alibi.


Good job men! Keep up the good work!


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