My response to the actions of Facebook


Let’s show Facebook how many stand with Info Wars, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, and Tommy Robinson and other censored conservatives. I’ve taken all photos down off of both my profiles except photos in which I’m wearing Info Wars gear. I’ve recently taken to visiting the info wars site and sharing many articles from there on my Facebook page. I plan to only use those profiles to share info wars and conservative content until I am banned. I feel that is a better response than just deleting my account. I will spread truth until they remove me. Who will join me in this venture?


No Twitter, FB, Instagram, or YouTube accounts.

Never have, never will.


By the way it only took me about 2 hours to save all the photos I care about before deleting them.


I figured since I already have them then might as well upgrade them.


Betty Link to the Post?
I’ll share it to my site and God Empirer Trump Group

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@Invalidcookie, that post is not public, it’s only for her friends. That means you can’t see it if you’re not her friend on Facebook, because it doesn’t have that globe icon.

Her Facebook is Betty Rose.


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Okay I think I updated to public now.

Here’s the link:

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