Nasty Pelosi Doesn't Want Trump to Bus Illegal Immigrants to Her Sanctuary City


President Trump’s tweet proved absolutely effective as Nasty Pelosi’s response confirms!!!

Nasty’s response…


He dumps them here in my homestate…Alabama…Trump thinks to himself…Fuck Alabama…there all rednecks…they wont mind? They only gave me my biggest crowd when he was just getting going…we will throw some money for shanty towns the people there wont notice!.


Bahahahahahaha! Trump is doing what he’s supposed to do: further the globalist agenda without arousing suspicion. Lmao!! We’ve been “trumped”! Hahahahaha! Now go play MAGA games. Lmao!!! The foolish believe they have a voice in this world. Hahahaha. Nope.



How is trump doing that? It’s not trumps fault the bp is doing that.


If you think trump is a globalist you have not been paying attention.


@LaHappy I have been paying attention very closely. You think they’d let us have a MAGA President? You’re a bigger fool than you realize. He’s a globalist in disguise.


@Mongoose, you make me suicidal.


@joey Not my problem. 20 characters


Let the sanctuary cities pay for the illegals. They want the illegals here.


Send them all to California.


@Mongoose, if Trump is a globalist, then so am I.


@joey Not news to me. 20 characters.


Only thing that matters is doable options. We only had two, Hillary and Trump. Those were the two most likely possibilities. Out of those two doors, we ended up going through one of those doors. Each day, we go through doors. The door of independence, for example, is a big door we all can try to open.



You would rather talk about things that are impossible to do as opposed to things that are doable?


I’d rather defend my country than kiss somebody’s ass all day.


Trump is dumping them in the NORTHERN states because the Democrats want them…the SOUTHERNERS are complaining about them…this makes Trump look bad when Central Americans are wandering around aimlessly in southern border supporting towns…so the WH is bussing them all up north…and by doing this, the DEMOCRATS…are breaking up the highest concentration of white people in America…NORTHERNERS …enjoy the burrittos! Sorry! IF YOUR MAD, GET RID OF DEMOCRATS!!!


Not understanding why hes letting them in and turning them loose anywhere! They are fucking crininals! WE DO NOT WANT THEM!! Period


President Trump tried to go as far as to shut the border down, each day he faces devoted obstructionists. His main goals have been the economy, and our safety via border immigration, he’s just one man, what would you like him to do?