Nebraska Infowarriors


Hello! Ready to roll here in Lincoln, NE Any Infowarriors nearby me? FYI nearby in Nebraska can be 200 miles or more! LOL.

I’m a grandma, yes, but the BS is just my initials … on most days anyways! :wink: :wink:


Hello, good to see that I’m not the only Infowarrior in Lincoln!


Yeah! Glad to meet ya! I know it’s only 18 degrees outside but suddenly Lincoln feels warmer. I saw a truck in Russ’s yesterday with infowars stickers on it and almost jumped out and introduced myself but hubby said there were cars behind us! LOL! Do you know of any others? Would love to get a group together and have coffee.


Hey sorry I hadn’t checked this in awhile. I’d be down to set up a meet up. I’m trying to get some friends/family to start watching Infowars but they’re not there yet. There has to be more than us in Lincoln. I saw a license plate a while back that said INFOWARS so that was cool.


Ya, hi! I also haven’t been on for a while so sorry, just saw this. One of my kids is on board, sort of, but might be open to a meet, too. Would have to check. Would you be interested in meeting my hubby and I at Village Inn some weekend soon?


How are the jobs there?


Yeah I’d be down for a Village In meetup and the earliest I can do is the March 16 weekend.


Sweet! My hubby and I could meet you at V.I. on van Dorn Sat. the 16th afternoon or evening or that following Sunday after 1. Or even the next weekend if that works better.


Jobs here are good. More positions than can be filled.


Ok yeah the weekend of the 23rd works better. I could meet anytime either Sat or Sun.


How about 6:30 on the 23rd then?


Ok sounds good! But let me know if you’re talking am or pm. Either works for me. Thanks!


Can we meet at 6:30pm please :slight_smile:


Yup, 6:30 pm works for me. See you then!