New DHS Director


Trump’s new acting director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is Ken Cuccinelli.

Here he is at the 2016 convention…this should go well.

Trump appointed Kenneth Cuccinelli for acting head of USCIS, thoughts?

So not his best moment politically.

We just need someone who is ready to do the right thing for our nation, and is serious about doing whatever it takes to protect the citizenry and our sovereignty.

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I have a feeling this is going to be another problematic appointment that will probably upset Trump supporters due to inactivity or blocking the presidents plans. Then, when nothing gets done, Trump will say Deep State has tied his hands…again…with Cuccinelli and we’ll all wonder, “Who the f*ck hired this guy?!”

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Well, that’s up to Cuccinelli now isn’t it? Does he want the legacy of a hero? Or someone who was forced to resign?

He has been consistent on immigration though, at least from everything I could dig up.

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You watched the convention videos, which do you think he’ll choose?

Half full or half empty?


I think he sees the golden opportunity this is for him, and will be smart enough to go down as a great defender of this nation.

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