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I am streaming daily every single show on Periscope and YouTube (Banned Platforms) and would like your help to get traffic to the site so we can extend the reach on other social media platforms. Please go to the links below Like/Share/Follow/Subscribe while the channels are still active. I am continuing to make new channels to keep the truth spreading across other platforms. Americas InfoWars was very successful, 1 month we almost hit 3k subscribers before the algos caught up. I heard from a lot of the viewers that the Infowars.com/show site and or the Info Wars Official app would give them issues and thanked me up and down for streaming. Please share this on all your social media platforms so these channels can get the reach to the America People!!

Truth Censored - GONE BANNED

Americas Infowars - GONE BANNED

Americas News Wars - Strike 1 - No Live Streaming (Revoked)

Forbidden News:
Forbidden Information:


I watched part of the war room yesterday on your channel.

Keep it up for as long as possible.


Americas Infowars was banned yesterday the new ones are posted. YouTube went through a mass clean up of InfoWars live feeds.


Dam that was fast…


Took them 2 months, but I will continue to create new accounts to share the live feed. The first topic shows the new channels. No content is on them for I am no longer keeping the videos live streamed to avoid the algos.


I know General Shepherd is up to 25 accounts…

Thankfully Ron Gibson is still going strong on his new home.


Spoke too soon; Ron Gibson is gone. :frowning:


Ok got it… Thanks…


I’m watching your channel, subscribed to the new one.


And it looks like it’s gone again. New one?


The channel is still active - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbXFJEe4UyHCat791pXePqw/live


You must have started streaming late, because I didn’t see it listed. I’ll give you a bell, and see if it helps.


Net went down but should be back up now!


They got me again Truth Censored - down for the count!! - Hilarious communists!


You tube censored this.



https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiL9wEu1ke0ueojmi7cnEvg - New Channel


New Channel - lets see how ling it takes the commies to catch this one - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiL9wEu1ke0ueojmi7cnEvg


Wow, that’s great, Live Chat. Awesome


They killed the back up - Americas News Wars - They are really upping their game with termination of accounts.
Backup account: https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCnXvtp54bHx3Cer5mQxweMQ

I am going take this time to build more accounts, if you have Periscope I am still untouched there: